Members of the Colombian Congress in the Soviet Union

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Stay of the delegation of the Congress of the Republic of Colombia, headed by Senator Alberto Mendos Hoyos in the USSR. A. S. Oyos descends the plane. Among the greeters: P. A. Rodionov, A. P. Shitikov and others. Receiving the delegation of A. P. Shitikov, Ya. S. Nasriddinova in the Kremlin, V. F. Promyslov in the Moscow City Council. Delegates at Moscow University. Chisinau city. Meeting of the delegation. Drive through the streets. Vintage. Apples. Delegates to the workshop of a silk mill in Bendery. Siberian landscape. Bratsk. Cars are passing through the streets, residents are passing by. Delegates at the Bratsk Hydroelectric Power Station, at a pulp and paper mill. Irkutsk city. Delegates pass through the streets. Hotel. The pier. Delegates in the rocket cabin. The landscape of Lake Baikal, at the Limnological Institute, the Bolsherechensky Animal Farm. Minks in cages. The city of Leningrad. Neva embankment, streets, cruiser "Aurora". Delegates to Smolny, the Hermitage, Petrodvorets. Fountains of Petrodvorets, canals; a wreath is being laid at the Piskarevskoye cemetery. Return to Moscow. Delegates to the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. At a reception with A. Shitikov, P. A. Rodionov; in the office of V. I. Lenin, at the Mausoleum of V. I. Lenin, at the Exhibition of Economic Achievements, at the ballet "Don Quixote" in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses, at the opening of the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR. Seeing off the delegation.
S. Pumpyanskaya
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, science
, energy
, animal husbandry
, automobile transport
, public service
, exhibitions
, sports
, higher education
, textile industry
, museums
, theatre
, political connections
, agriculture
, government
, air transport
, pulp and paper industry
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V. Vorontsov, A. Kiselev
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