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Students in the classroom. The teacher conducts classes with young ballerinas. Animation frames illustrating the process of memory formation in the human brain. Conducting a scientific experiment with a rat to study the properties of short-term memory. Under the influence of shock, short-term memory is erased. Fixing the moment of an accident on the road with a person crossing the street. Evacuation of the victim from the scene of the traffic accident by ambulance medics. Passing the ambulance along the street with the siren on. The doctor will receive the victim in a traffic accident after recovery. As a result of stress in an accident, the victim does not remember what happened to him at the time of the accident (sync.). Veronica memorizes the poem "Falling Leaves", after some time of memorizing Veronica freely reads the poem (sinhr.). This means that it takes time for the transition of short-term memory to long-term memory. The hand is leafing through the pages of the photo album. A 70-year-old woman talks about the properties of her memory: remembering the events of her youth more vividly than what happened yesterday. A positive answer to the question: "Is it possible to develop memory?" - gives an experiment with a teenager who, after a short glance at the table with numbers, calls the order of their arrangement (sync.). The teacher conducts a lesson with primary school students on memory training.
A. Morozova
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I. Kasatkin
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MULTIPLIER DIRECTOR K.KHRAMOVA, scriptwriter S. Chesnokova
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