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The film consists of four film plots that tell about people who carefully preserve the architectural monuments of the past. 1st part. Kaluga region, Kozelsk. View of the Zhizra river. Holy Vvedensky Monastery Optina Pustyn. The main temple of the monastery is the cathedral in honor of the Entry of the Most Holy Theotokos into the Temple. Monks pass through the gates of the monastery, talk with the priest near the church. Crosses on the graves of the elders buried on the territory of the monastery. Builders are restoring brickwork in the bell tower. The restorer in the refectory restores the painting of the walls. The interior of the refectory. The iconostasis in one of the temples of the monastery. Parishioners in the temple perform religious rituals during the service. Sverdlovsk region., Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha village. Wooden huts, a windmill, a wooden chapel, a gazebo, a well in the village of Nizhnyaya Sinyachikha, in which everything was collected by a local resident ID Samoilov. Painted walls, chests, spinning wheels in the front room of the hut. Bed, cradle for a newborn in a hut. Painted shutters on the windows. Transfiguration Cathedral. The restorer restores the image of the icon. ID Samoilov and the restorer at the table are looking through an old book in a salary. ID Samoilov and the villagers are sitting on a bench near the hut. 2nd part. Moscow. Artist G. Strizhenov and a group of students are on duty in the basement of a former trading house owned by the merchant Shcherbakov, protesting against the demolition of this building. G. Strizhenov and students dismantle debris at the site of the demolition of the building, and then restore old tiles from pieces in the workshop. G. Strizhenov in the park at his easel. Types of old Moscow in the paintings of Father G. Strizhenov. Moscow. Church of the Intercession of Our Lady in Fili. Photos of the church before restoration. Architect IV Ilyenko in his office at the table looks through the sketches, drawings of the church building, made during the restoration of the church. The interior of the church, the iconostasis. 1st and 2nd parts of the Yaroslavl region, Rostov. View of Nero Island. Rostov Kremlin. Kremlin walls and towers. The Assumption Cathedral in the historical part of the city and a detached belfry with thirteen bells. The bell ringers swing the bells. Tver region, Kalyazin. View of the Uglich reservoir near the town of Kalyazin in the area of the flooded Makarievsky monastery. The upper part of the bell tower is above the water surface.
I. Kogan
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rural settlements
, architecture
, christianity
, villages
, water industry
, cities
, painting
, graphics
, peoples life
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V. Kolyushev
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