Message to Man

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The film tells about the First Leningrad International Film Festival of Non-Fiction Films "Message to Man", which took place in January 1989. in the concert hall of the hotel "Leningrad". Types of Leningrad: Kazan Cathedral, city streets, travel by car along Nevsky Prospect, artists sell their paintings on the street. Ice floes float along the Neva. Meeting of the festival participants at the airport. Types of the airfield. Relatives, fans meet the participant of the festival, the ballet star of the 60s, who left for the West in 1970, N. Makarova. Fragments of a charity evening with N. Makarova. N. Makarova's parents are watching her film "Ballerina" on TV. N. Makarova walks around the city, lights a candle in the church, talks in the dressing room about her impressions of the film festival (sinhr.). Festival participants are in line for accreditation. Fancy-dress opening of the film festival. Festival posters on the streets of the city. Passers-by express their opinion about documentary films (sinhr.). The chairman of the jury, Swiss director Erwin Leiser, rides a bus through the city streets, shares his impressions (sinhr.). Director from Riga Ivar Seletskis shoots on the outskirts of the city, talks about parallel editing (sync.) Stills from documentary films presented at the festival: "Counterclaim" (A. Ruderman and Y. Khoshevatsky), "Village" (Iona Iorston), " Houses full of smoke "(A.Frankovich). Professional club of filmmakers. Spectators meet with documentary filmmakers. Publicist A. Nuikin talks about myth and truth in documentary films (sinhr.) Member of the "Memorial" Leningrad woman E. Khodkevich talks about the revolution, Stalinist repressions (sinhr.) Director from Israel Orno Bendo shoots scenes on the streets of the city. Participants of the festival at a solemn memorial service for the victims of the war in the church of the Leningrad Theological Academy. Festival participants lay flowers at the Peskarevskoye Memorial Cemetery. Michal Leshchilovsky, who brought a film about A. Tarkovsky to the festival, answers journalists' questions at a press conference (sinhr.) Director from the United States, Jeanette Petri, talks about his film "Mercy of the Heart" (sinhr.). Director Alan Frankovich removes the grave of F.M. Dostoevsky, the house where the writer lived, talks with the townspeople (sinhr.). US director Richard Leacock is shooting material for a film about the festival with Aurora in the background. American director Leo Hurwitz expresses his point of view on "perestroika" (sinhr.). Working moment of the jury meeting. Presentation of prizes to the creators of the films "Counterclaim" (A. Ruderman and Y. Khoschevatsky), "Don't applaud, better money" (Karen Goodman), "Poperechnaya Street" (I. Seletskis), "Village" (I. Iorston), Michalu Leshchilovsky for the film about A. Tarkovsky.
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