Mexico Born for Centuries

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The ancient city of the Maya Indians of Chichen Itza; temples, houses, sculpture, observatory, grounds for ritual ball games; pyramid of Kukulkan, "Temple of Warriors". Taxco, Guanajuato; streets, houses; bazaar, churches; a monument to the priest Miguel Hidalgo - the national hero of Mexico, the leader of the popular uprising in 1810-1811. Mexico City; streets, monuments. Houses, public buildings, decorated with frescoes and drawings by artists D. Rivera, D. Siqueiros, the university building, the Aztec stadium. Sale of sugar skulls on the "Day of the Dead" holiday. Artist D. Siqueiros at work. Farmers work on plantations harvesting haneken, a plant used to make rope and lasso. The feast of the shepherds - charreada. Charro on an unbroken horse; throw a lasso around the bull's neck. Mexican bullfight. Moments of the duel between the matador and the bull. Training of pupils of the school of matadors. Attraction "flying people": people, tied to a pole with ropes by their legs, "fly" through the air around the pole. Flower festival at the Three Cultures Square in Mexico City. Boys and girls in masks, Aztec clothes, perform dances in honor of the holiday.
D. Gasyuk, B. Golovnya
Film ID
national life
, leisure
, relaxation
, architecture
, religion
, agriculture
, education
, utilities
, painting
, culture
Number of Parts
D. Gasyuk, B. Golovnya
Other Creators
Script V. Chichkov, music E. Stikhin, sound I. Kuznetsov
Release Date
Has Sound

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