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A film about the Russian Soviet theater director, actor, teacher, People's Artist of Russia (1923), one of the 20th century theater reformers Vsevolod Emilievich Meyerhold (1874-1940). Filmed by order of the USSR State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. Part 1 Stream. Porch of a wooden house. The furnishings of the rooms in V.E. Meyerhold in Penza. Drawings of theatrical costumes. St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square in Moscow. Internal view of the temple. Photos by V.E. Meyerhold in childhood, adolescence, with his wife Olga and children, in theatrical images during his work as an actor at the Moscow Art Theater (1898-1902). Part 2 Ruins of ancient buildings. Columns of an ancient temple. Seagull over the sea. Composer A.N. Scriabin at the piano (photo). Newsreels: a procession of Indians with elephants; mill; Indian builders carry stones on ropes; Indian temple (1910s). Photos by V.E. Meyerhold - director and actor of the Troupe of Russian Drama Actors under the direction of A.S. Koshevarov and V.E. Meyerhold (since 1903 "Partnerships for a new drama under the leadership of Meyerhold"). Scenes from the performances of the Fellowship for a New Drama (photo). Photo portrait of V.E. Meyerhold - theater director V.F. Komissarzhevskaya (1906-1907). Photo portraits of the actress V.F. Komissarzhevskaya at home and on stage during performances. Caricature on V.F. Komissarzhevskaya and V.E. Meyerhold. Newsreel footage: a man feeding a child (1910s). Part 3 City of Leningrad. Fragment of the monument to Catherine II. The building of the Alexandrinsky Theater (now the A.S. Pushkin Theater). The sculptural composition of the chariot of Apollo on the attic of the theater building. Theater auditorium. A ray of light glides over the seats of the auditorium. The building of the Kazan Cathedral. Colonnade. Scenery sketches by artist A.Ya. Golovin to the performances "Don Juan" by Moliere and "The Thunderstorm" by A.N. Ostrovsky, choreography by V.E. Meyerhold at the Alexandrinsky Theater. Photo of actress E.N. Roshchina-Insarova and the role of Katerina ("The Thunderstorm" by A. N. Ostrovsky) directed by V.E. Meyerhold (1916). Newsreel footage of 1913: the procession of members of the Imperial family from the Red Porch during the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the House of Romanov. Among the participants in the procession are Emperor Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra Feodorovna and others. Newsreel footage (1916-1918): the military gets into a tram; people in the square near the monument to Alexander III; participants in the demonstration carry a banner with the inscription: “Reward increase”; people greeting A.F. Kerensky. Sketches by the artist A.Ya. Golovin for the play "Masquerade" directed by V.E. Meyerhold. Mechanisms rotate that change the position of the stage. Scenery for the play "Masquerade". A picturesque portrait of V.E. Meyerhold. 4 part Newsreel footage (1918): dismantling of the monument to Alexander III in Moscow; children are standing near the fragments of the statue of Alexander III; poet S. Yesenin among those present at the opening of the monument to M. Koltsov; street clock without arrows on the building; a parade of troops on a city street; Palace Square in Petrograd; a column of Cossacks in the square; cavalry detachment; train travel on the railway bridge; armed soldiers in an armored train; sailors in a freight train carriage; Red Army soldiers in a truck drive into the village and others. A fragment from the film "The Young Lady and the Hooligan" with the participation of V.V. Mayakovsky (1918) Photos by V.E. Meyerhold, scenes from the performances “Mystery-Buff” in the first edition (1918), “Commander 2” by I.L. Selvinsky (1929). Sketches of scenery and costumes. Photographs of a scene from the performances “Death of Tarelkin” by A.V. Sukhovo-Kobylina (1922), “Mandate” by N.R. Erdman; in the role of Gulyachkin, actor E.P. Garin (1925) Newsreel footage of the 1920s-1930s: the switch on the railway tracks, the locomotive moves along the railway tracks, various mechanisms in operation; a tram on a Moscow street, a policeman on the street, a banner with the inscription: “M. Bitter. Jubilee Collected Works ”on the street of the city; a tobacco factory worker glues boxes for packing cigarettes; telephone operators at work; actors of the theater perform sketches on "biomechanics". Photo portrait of VE Meyerhold. 5 part Newsreel footage (1920s-1930s): a hairdresser cuts a young woman's hair, a woman does a manicure, a fountain, a tram on a Moscow street, V.E. Meyerhold speaks on the phone. The building of the Meyerhold State Theater. Newsreel footage (1926): a fragment from the play "The Inspector General" of the Meyerhold State Theater (directed by V.E. Meyerhold, 1926); starring actors E.P. Garin (Khlestakov), Z.N. Raikh (maid), Molodin (Bobchinsky), M.I.Babanova (Maria Antonovna). V. Meyerhold, D. Shostakovich, V. Mayakovsky and the unknown (photo). Photographs of scenes from the performances of the Meyerhold State Theater "The Bedbug"; in the role of Prisypkin - I. Ilyinsky (1929), "Bath" (1930), "Entry" by YP Herman; in the role of Nunbach - actor L.N. Sverdlin (1933). Newsreel footage 1930-1934: model of the building of the Meyerhold Theater (architects M. Barkhin and S. Vakhtangov); blueprints; V.E. Meyerhold at the layout; funeral of V.V. Mayakovsky; funeral procession on the street, the coffin with the body of V.V. Mayakovsky, poet B. Pasternak among those present at the funeral. Newsreel footage (early 1930s): a view of Berlin, a shoe shiner, a flower seller, people in an underpass on the streets of Berlin; performance of athletes at the stadium, the ranks of athletes form a five-pointed star. V.E. Meyerhold at a construction site (photo). Part 6Building house number 12 in Bryusov Lane. Moscow, where V.E. Meyerhold lived from 1928 to 1939 Window and balcony of a Moscow apartment. V.E. Meyerhold and D.D. Shostakovich while working on the opera "Ekaterina Izmailova" (photo). A fragment of a silent fiction film in which the hero is held out with his face on the piano keys. A pictorial picture in which V.E. Meyerhold is depicted with a dog on a sofa. V.E. Meyerhold with wife Z.N. Reich in the room reading a book, in a group of pioneers (photo). Z.N. Reich as Marguerite in a scene from the play “Lady of the Camellias”, with a group of actors (photo). V.E. Meyerhold in the office at work (photo). Newsreel footage: a tram on a city street, a fragment of a sports parade staged by V.E. Meyerhold in Leningrad at the invitation of the Institute of Physical Culture (May-June 1939) Sculpture in the Summer Garden of Leningrad. Meirhold in prison. The body of Z.N. Reich in a coffin (photo). Vagankovskoe cemetery in Moscow. A gravestone with the inscription: “To Vsevolod Emilievich Meyerhold, Zinaida Nikolaevna Raikh, Konstantin Sergeevich Yesenin at the grave of Z.N. Reich.
N. Chiruk
Film ID
, urban transport
, armed forces
, food industry
, museums
, theatre
, india
, sculpture
, animal world
, social and political life
, landscapes
, cities
, railway transport
, orthodoxy
Number of Parts
A. Gorelov
Other Creators
Screenwriter A. Romanovsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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