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Lebanon, Beirut. Destroyed buildings of houses on the streets of the city. Water towers. Mosque. Architectural monuments. Egypt. Rocky ancient Egyptian temples in Abu Simbel. Kuwait, El-Kuwait. View of a modern lighthouse. Lebanon, Beirut. View of the city before the Israeli aggression against Lebanon. The traffic controller is on the street. Transport and pedestrian traffic. Visitors at the tables of a street cafe. Evening view of the city. The chief physician of the Palestinian hospital in Y. Iraqi and the fighter Hasan Said recall the Israeli shelling of a Palestinian hospital in Tel Zaatar (synchronously). A nurse is caring for an injured child in the ward. Post of a UN unit. Captain Daly talks about the task of the post (synchronously). Soldiers are checking documents. Observation deck of Haddad's detachment. Israeli flag on the site. Haddad's men stop a truck with peasants. Interview with Major Haddad about his connection with Israel (synchronously). Film director V. Kopalin talks with Haddad. Radio station "Voice of Hope", journalist K. Polak at work. Interview with Metropolitan Pavel Khuri, who left his hometown of Marjuyun after its capture by Israel in 1976 (synchronously). Syria. Festive service, procession of the cross on Palm Sunday in the church of Damascus. View of Damascus. Meeting of the 15th session of the National Council of Palestine in Damascus. Syrian President H. Assad and Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization Y. Arafat speak at the meeting (synchronously). Israeli army maneuvers; officers at the command post. Landscapes of Syria. The dam and the turbine hall of the Euphrates hydroelectric power station, built with the participation of the Soviet Union. Construction of an irrigation canal. Soviet and Syrian farmers inspect wheat in the field. Festive demonstration in Damascus on the occasion of the Independence Day of Syria. Oil fields in the Persian Gulf. [Oil tycoon] mansion in Kuwait. Bedouin dwelling in the desert. Palestinian refugee camp. Fishermen on the seashore. The fisherman weaves a net. Armed clash between representatives of the Lebanese right-wing Christian forces and Syrian troops sent to Lebanon as an inter-Arab security force in Beirut. Injured in the hospital; children are among the wounded. Destroyed buildings in Beirut. Fortifications on the street. Armed Palestinians on the street. Ruined school building; children in a lesson in class. Ruined airfield. The wreckage of the blown up bus of St. Elijah's school. The funeral of the victims at the cemetery. Crying women. Photos of the victims. The film includes newsreels: the fighting of the Israeli army in Tel Zaatar; the fighting of the Israeli army in Lebanon; an American aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf; American planes and helicopters in the air.
O. Artseulov, V. Kopalin
Film ID
automobile transport
, architecture
, road police
, palestine
, israel
, state and public holidays
, plant growing
, medical services for the population
, energy
, funeral
, social and political organizations and parties
, islam
, navy
, broadcasting
, ground troops
, history
, school education
, sea transport
, international organizations
, usa
, wars and conflicts of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, economic communications
, air force
, christianity
, public catering
, cities
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O. Artseulov, V. Kopalin
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Has Sound

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