Mikhail Bakunin Parting

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The film tells about the Russian revolutionary, theorist of anarchism and populism M.A. Bakunin. 1st part. Switzerland, Geneva. Santa Claus is walking along the evening street of the city. Festively decorated streets. Glittering shop windows. Street musicians. Garlands of colorful light bulbs on the trees. Children on the merry-go-round. Church and bell tower in the village. Peremukhino - the birthplace of M.A. Bakunin. Portraits of parents and relatives of M.A. Bakunin. Park in the village of Peremukhino. Types of the Osugi River. Park and university building in Geneva. 2nd part. The reading room of the library. Bookshelves. Streets of Geneva. Passers-by on the streets. The park. University building. View of Rue Montbriand, where the printing house of the 1st Internationale was located. Portraits of M.A. Bakunin. Engravings depicting the revolution in Germany in 1848-1849. and the uprising in Dresden in 1849. Peter and Paul Fortress, in which M.A.Bakunin was imprisoned in 1851. Courtyard, wall of the fortress. Prison windows. The text of the "Petition" to the Tsar from MABakunin. Portrait of Nicholas I. Ice drift on the river. The interior of the hotel. 3rd part. Lake Geneva embankment. Passengers on a railway platform. Interior of a cafe in Geneva. Portraits of M.A. Bakunin. View of the title page of "Cases" of the murderer of student Ivanov S. Nechaev. City park on Lake Geneva. Evening streets of Geneva on Christmas Eve. Portrait of Mikhail Bakunin's wife Antonia. Tombstone and sculpture on the grave of M.A. Bakunin.
B. Golovnya
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places of detention
, rural settlements
, gendarme
, christianity
, villages
, landscapes
, christmas
, professional education
, cities
, railway transport
, state and public holidays
, gardens and parks
, culture and recreation
, consumer services
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I. Sosenkov
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