Mikhail Romm Confessions of a Filmmaker

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1-8 hours - M. Romm's dacha: house, yard, garden, house interior. Chronicle: social life in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century: a train arrives at the station, at the hippodrome a car competes with a horse, a helicopter jumps, but does not take off, and more. Photos by M. Romm, drawings. Excerpts from the film "Pyshka". Autobiography of M. Romm. His reflections on the art of cinema, on the characters of the heroes of his paintings. 2 hours - Stills from the film "Thirteen". 3 hours - Memoirs of M. Romm about his joint work with S. M. Eisenstein. Eisenstein's apartment museum: shelves with books, photographs. Materials for the film "Ivan the Terrible". Episodes of the film "First Pages". Working moments of filming the film "Lenin in October". 4 hours - Excerpts from the films "Boris Shchukin", "Lenin in 1918", "Nine days in one year". 5 hours - A. Batalov recalls his collaboration with M. Romm and Skuybin. I. Smoktunovsky reports. Working moments of filming the film "Nine Days of One Year". Shots of the film "Court". 6 hours - Speaks G. N. Chukhrai. Stills from the film "Red Kalina". Chronicle footage: there are German soldiers, the execution of civilians and more. 6-7 hours - German concentration camp: black smoke over the chimney of the crematorium, an empty train that brought prisoners. Stills from the film "Ordinary Fascism": the girls welcome Hitler. Remembers S. Kulish. I. Romm at work: reading for the announcer in headphones, watching his film. 8 hours - M. Romm comments on the footage of the film "Ordinary Fascism": a meeting of Nazi veterans and more. Stills of the film "And yet I believe."
A. Cineman
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, the second world war
, museums
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O. Zguridi
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