Military Bases in Foreign Territories

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An American military base on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany: the movement of military equipment along the streets of one of the cities on the Rhine, the crossing of the Rhine River, a general view of the territory of the base. British military base in Gibraltar: aircraft take off from a military airfield. The landing of American soldiers at a military base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Soldiers on the territory of the base. US military base in Thailand: soldiers pass through the base, military equipment is passing by. American military instructors conduct classes with soldiers of the Bundeswehr (FRG) at a military base in the Hebrides. Military exercises of the American marines. General view of the US military bases on the island of Okinawa in Japan. US warships in the port of Yokosuko. The landing of military aircraft at the Yokota military base. US military base Tan - Son - Nyat in South Vietnam. Newsreel of the military operations of American troops on the territory of Vietnam with the participation of aviation, the military fleet, tanks, helicopters. Demonstrations against the deployment of US military bases in Japan.
M. Gavrilova
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air force
, germanywestern
, navy
, armed forces
, wars of the second half of the xx century
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