Minefield of Restructuring

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The film examines the causes of ethnic conflicts in our country. Chronicle footage: a meeting at the Palace Square in Petrograd; cavalry gallops. Explosion on the ground. Soldiers of the Red Army are walking. A woman with a child in her arms eats bread. The peasants are leading the horses to the collective farm in the railing of the collectivization of agriculture. Divine service in the church. Buddhists are praying. Worship in a Muslim church. The representative of the Soviet government presents gifts to the residents of villages and auls. The temple explodes. Representatives of Soviet power V. I. Lenin, I. V. Stalin, L. D. Trotsky speak at rallies. Representatives of Turkey and the RSFSR sign diplomatic documents in 1921. People work at a construction site; put up a tent in the steppe. Rally at Manezhnaya Square in Moscow. Academician A. D. Sakharov speaks from the rostrum with a speech on national problems (synchronously); People's Deputy AA Sobchak among those present in the hall. A resident of Azerbaijan talks about himself in the Azerbaijani language (simultaneous translation). View of a village in Azerbaijan. Dwellings of refugees from Azerbaijan. Streets of Baku. People go down the plane. The funeral of those killed in Tbilisi. Major General G. Malyushkin, a participant in the settlement of interethnic conflicts in Azerbaijan, gives interviews (synchronously). Soldiers of the Soviet Army, military equipment in the streets of Nagorno-Karabakh. Footage: German Foreign Minister I. von Ribbentrop signs a border treaty between the SSP and Germany in 1939. Rally on the square in Riga. Film director Y. Podnieks gives interviews (synchronously) Chronicle footage: the entry of tanks into the square of Vilnius in January 1919. Military vehicles drive along the road in South Ossetia. Writer Ch. Amirejibi (Georgia) gives interviews (synchronously). View of the border and border villages between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Armenian writer Z. Balayan gives interviews (synchronously). Barricades on Krasnopresnenskaya Embankment in Moscow in August 1991. Member of the independent military inspection "Shield" V. Turchin gives interviews (synchronously).
B. Bakinsky
Film ID
social and political movement
, state power
, wars
, church
, religion
, settlements
, military conflicts
, protection of the state building
, national policy
, agriculture
, diplomatic relations with turkey and germany
, armed forces
, atheism
Number of Parts
Sh. Vartanyan, J. Milbert, G. Ozersky
Other Creators
There is no data
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