Mining Horizons

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The film is dedicated to the problems of the coal mining industry. The film uses the following filming: 1 part. Miners of one of the mines in Donbass descend on a special elevator into the face. General view of the building of the mine "Kochegarka". The movement of vehicles on the street of one of the cities of Donbass. General view of waste heaps. General view of the territory of one of the mines. Coal is poured into the railway carriage. General view of Donetsk (filmed from a helicopter). General view of metallurgical enterprises. Interview with academician M. Starikovich (sinhr.). Members of the A. Storozhenko brigade crawling along the narrow tunnel of the face. A coal miner is working in the face. A. Storozhenko says that it is impossible to close the mines in the Donbass (sinhr.). The team A. Storozhenko leaves the mine after the shift, pass through the locker room. One of the miners says that if the mines are closed, then where will the miners go (sync.). Installation of a coal miner at the face. The miner monitors the work of the combine. Production meeting of miners in the office of the head of the mine (sync.). Part 2: Miners are working in the face, mining coal. Interview with the head of the Donetsk coal industry N.S. Surgai (sinhr.). N.S. Surgai speaks at the meeting. Miners smoke in the yard of the mine, express their opinion (sync.) Regarding moving to work in another region. General view of a blooming apple tree. General view of Donetsk (filmed from a helicopter). View of an abandoned mine. Miners smoke in the mine yard during a break. The tractor is working the plowed land with the harrow in the field, which is located outside the mine. A. Storozhenko's team in the face. A. Storozhenko and other miners talk about the problems of the coal industry (sync.). Landscapes of Kuzbass in the winter season. General view of one of the mines, a mining village covered with snow. A resident of one of the houses shovels snow from the roof. A panorama of the houses covered with snow. City street / Prokopyevsk / with 2-storey wooden houses. A man with skis is walking down the street. A group of residents of one of the streets are discussing the problem of water supply and normal living conditions for families of miners (sync.). A woman is carrying a can of water on a sled. Types of the city of Prokopyevsk: streets, houses, a monument to V. I. Lenin. General Director of the association "Prokopyevskugol" MI Naidov in his office, tells and shows the book by V. Tsvetov The Fifteenth Stone of the Ryoanji Garden "(sinhr.). General view of the mine" Raspadskaya. "Brigadiers Gvozdev and Frolov in the locker room discussing the work of the mine (sync. .) in the presence of the General Director of the association "Yuzhkuzbassugol" Malyshev. Part 3. Miners in the face. The work of the coal miner at the face. Coal is poured from the conveyor. Cars with coal are moving along the railway. Brigadier Gvozdev tells (sync.) that often it is necessary to repair a coal harvester, and all this results in downtime.General view of the Lenin mine.MINaydov in his office dresses in overalls for lowering into the face, descends into the face of the Lenin mine. A special team is engaged in extinguishing a fire in the face as a result of spontaneous combustion of coal.View of one of the streets / Prokopyevskaya /, the movement of cars and people along the street.Landscape of Kuzbass: hills at the Kansko-Achinskoye deposit coal. The director of the Kansko-Achinsky open-pit mine passes through the open-pit mine. The movement of mined coal along a 15 km conveyor. Part 4: The wind is blowing, coal is burning on the surface of the cut. General view of the GRES building. The director of the Kansk-Achinsk coal mine in his office, talking on the phone, talks (sinhr.), Standing in the context of the quality of coal, about the deposit itself. General view of a coal mine (filmed from a helicopter). The director shows the abandoned equipment, unfinished structures at the site of the proposed construction of the processing plant, says that the mined coal must be used and processed on site (sync.). General view of coal mining in the context. General view of a coal mine in Neryungri (South Yakutia). A young excavator operator, who works in the section, talks about his work (sync.). Heavy dump trucks with coal are going by. The workers of the deposit praise foreign equipment and speak negatively about domestic equipment, talk about its low quality (sync.). The work of a coal miner in an open coal mine. General view of the city of Neryungri (filmed from the top point). Part 6: Donetsk miners in the mine face, lying down, moving along the conveyor, sitting in the mine yard after a shift, answering questions from the film director. Director of the association "Prokopyevskugol" MI Naidov in his office, looking out the window. General view of oil rigs at one of the oil fields. Drilling rigs at sea. The work of oil pumping stations at one of the oil fields. General view of the dam of one of the hydroelectric power plants. Industrial landscape panorama with smoking chimneys. Panorama of the electrical substation. The work of a coal miner in the face. In the film, in the 6th part, a newsreel of the 20s and 30s is used: A crowd of people in the street / Moscow /. Tram movement along the street. The trial of the Shakhty case in the Column Hall of the House of Unions: a panorama of the accused in the dock, the presidium at the trial led by the prosecutors. Correspondents in the audience make notes in notebooks. Speeches at the trial by prosecutors. A.Ya. Vyshinsky's speech at the trial of the Shakhty case. The audience leaves the conference room. Volumes of the "Shakhty case" on the prosecutors' table. The people greet a brigade of miners led by A. Stakhanov, coming out of the face after the shift. A. Stakhanov accepts congratulations. Concert at the mine in honor of labor shock workers. All present applaud the artists. The miner Sotnikov, together with the artist, is dancing lezginka (sinhr.). Meeting of miners of the Central Irmino mine. A. Stakhanov reports to Stalin (sinhr.) On the overfulfillment of the plan by the miners in coal mining. The audience applauds. Panorama on a showcase with fish products in one of the shops. Customers shop at the fish department. Department of fabrics in a department store. Vendors place rolls of fabrics on the counter. Customers in a musical instrument store inspect the Krasny Oktyabr (Leningrad) pianos. Stalin's speech (famous speech: "Life has become better, comrades! Life has become more fun. When life is more fun, work is done well ..."). People in the hall are applauding Stalin. Among those present in the presidium L. Kaganovich, G. Ordzhonikidze. Issuance of shoes, sheepskin coats, quilted jackets to labor shock workers in one of the collective farms. A man holds a watch with the NDP "Comrade K.U. Zybin for the shock pace of work on the construction of the city ..." 1930
I. Grigoriev
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, fuel industry
, energy
, court
, automobile transport
, everyday life
, settlements
, landscapes
, cities
, railway transport
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O. Voinov, N. Grigoriev
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