Minsk - the Capital of Soviet Belarus

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Painting of ancient Minsk. Komsomolskoye Lake (shot from above). Avenue area. Park highway. Svisloch river. New houses in the Vostok-I and Vostok-2 districts of Minsk. High-rise buildings on Leninsky Prospekt. Square of victory. Wedding couple at the Eternal Flame. Chronicle, bombs are flying, a house explodes. Minsk is occupied by the Germans. The German patrol checks the documents of the residents of the city, puts a stamp on the pass. Detention chamber. The Germans are driving people into a railway carriage. Prisoners work in underground mines. The territory of the concentration camp. IM Demin meets at the train station his French friend Marcekle Sauzy - a fighter of a partisan detachment. Parade of veterans dedicated to the liberation of Minsk. Residents of the city presented flowers to the veteran. Memorial of Khatyn. I. Demin and M. Sozi at the monument. Firework. Construction of a high-rise building on the city's Jubilee square. Testing of the Belaz vehicle manufactured at the Belavtomaz plant in Minsk. Loading the Belazs onto the ship. Residents of the city on the streets, in the park. Gym. Athletes are performing. Master of Sports V. A. Labunov awards the winners. V. Labunov in the research laboratory of the Minsk Radio Engineering Institute, giving a lecture to students. Nuclear reactor of one of the scientific institutions. Scientists work with a manipulator. Scientists in a laser beam laboratory. Construction of metro stations in Minsk. Guests from India on the streets of Minsk. Meeting of the mayor of Minsk S. Lukashevich with the mayor of the Japanese city of Sendai - Takeshi Shimano. Minsk Philharmonic. Family Celebration Palace. Newlyweds climb the steps. The woman showered the couple with grain. The "Khoroshki" ensemble is dancing. Young couple on a swing. Models demonstrate linen clothes. Shinok bar "Visiting Lyavon". Carousel. The ensemble "Pesnyary" (directed by VG Mulyavin) is performing. Night Minsk. Glebov's ballet "Till Ulenspiegel". Morning in Minsk. Buses and trolleybuses are passing by. Fountain in the park of Y. Kupala. A young dad with a stroller walks around the park.
V. Shatalov
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, science
, urban transport
, garment industry
, sports
, higher education
, theatre
, political connections
, population
, cities
, automotive industry
, music
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V. Shatalov
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