Miracle or Echo Gaidar

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Rally at Manezhnaya Square in Moscow. Representatives of various parties and movements speak at the podium. Among them: Chairman of the Board of the Russian National Union S. N. Baburin, one of the leaders of the Russian Christian Democratic Movement V. V. Aksyuchits (synchronously), Chairman of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation G. A. Zyuganov (synchronously). Sessions of the VI Congress of People's Deputies of the Russian Federation. Speakers (synchronously): Boris N. Yeltsin, A. M. Tuleyev, V. P. Lukin, N. I. Travkin, E. T. Gaidar, S. M. Shakhrai, S. A. Filatov, V. F Shumeiko. Voting of deputies on the "Resolution on the course of economic reform in the Russian Federation." RI Khasbulatov presides over one of the meetings (synchronously). Deputies in the meeting room. Members of the government: E. Pamfilova, S. Stankevich, P. S. Grachev, E. G. Yasin, M. Poltoranin, V. Bulgak, A. Shokhin, E. T. Gaidar, P. E. Burbulis, A. V Rutskoi in the hall. Among those present in the hall: V. V. Aksyuchits, I. V. Konstantinov, V. L. Sheinis, D. A. Volkogonov, G. P. Yakunin, G. V. Starovoitova. Deputies on the sidelines. People with placards outside the Rossiya Hotel. The deputies talk with the audience.
B. Sarakhatunov
Film ID
social and political movement
, cities
, higher state bodies
, other socio-political organizations and parties
Number of Parts
K. Durnov, V. Izvekov, S. Kuzminsky
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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