Mobile Buildings for Builders

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A film about the production of mobile (inventory) buildings in the USSR, showing the most common mobile systems for industrial, residential and auxiliary purposes. Part I. Mobile (inventory) buildings (complete factory supply structures, the design of which provides the possibility of their relocation) manufactured in the Soviet Union. Minselstroy, Glavmontazhspetsstroy and Glavleningradstroy produce container structures of the Comfort, Universal and Neva systems; Ministry of Energy - unified collapsible structures; Minneftegazstroy - cylindrical residential blocks and the SKZ reusable system (folding buildings); Glavmosstroy - modular collapsible system. Depending on the configuration and connection of various structures in mobile buildings, there are canteens, children's institutions, sports and recreation centers, industrial enterprises. The design, production and construction of mobile buildings are subject to SNiPs (building codes and regulations). In the shops of the Metallist plant (Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic, Khmelnytsky region, Starokonstantinov) container structures of the Comfort system are produced. The containers of various sizes are equipped with sewerage and electricity. Glavleningradstroy from the structures of the mobile system "Neva" assembles, not only residential settlements for builders, but also two-storey administrative and amenity complexes. In addition to the usual premises in the building there are: a shop, a hairdresser, a cafe, a theater box office, a library. The building has hot water, central heating, electricity and a ventilation system. Part II. Construction and production of mobile buildings of collapsible type, i.e. reusable. For different climatic zones of the country, the panels are insulated with foam; forklift trucks are loaded into the car body. The example of the "Module" system shows a bolt-free connection of panels during assembly. "Serpukhovskaya Combine of Building Structures" (Moscow Region, Serpukhov) produces mobile systems "SKZ" - folding industrial buildings. The produced package-containers are opened with a crane and installed on the axis of the building, one section - in 40 minutes. Mobile systems "UIZ" - unified inventory buildings according to the project of SKB "Minmontazhspetsstroy" are used to accommodate in them: transformer substations; central heating units; various factories.
D. Flegontov
Film ID
construction industry
, building
, rationalization
, invention
Number of Parts
V. Fedotov
Other Creators
scriptwriter N. Kotov, consultants P. Demyanyuk, I. Stepanov, sound engineer V. Popov, editor O. Teplenko, film director V. Finkelstein
Release Date
Has Sound

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