Mobile Power Station in Stalingrad

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Moscow, 1943. Workers of the Moscow Power Plant were the first to respond to the GKO decision of February 15, 1943 on the supply of energy to the cities destroyed by the Germans. The Moscow Power Plant has prepared for dispatch the first power train with a capacity of 750 kW. The mobile power plant was assembled in 60 days. The interior of the mobile power train: the chief's office with a portrait of I. Stalin on the wall, sleeping places for train workers, a kitchen with a stove with a stove and titanium. The composition of the mobile power plant is ready for dispatch: the power train is standing on the tracks, the chimney of a steam locomotive is smoking. A group of leaders in the construction of an energy train is standing by the train; among them are the head of the Moselectrosetstroy office Snitovsky, the chief engineer of the Frunzenskaya CHPP Agrinsky, the head of the power train shop Plyusnin, the foreman Blyudin, the deputy head of the Moselektrocentral Gatov. Slogans on one of the cars of the energy train: "BY PARTICIPATING IN THE COMPETITION, WE DO MUCH HELP FOR THE FRONT, WE WILL ACCELERATE THE VICTORY OVER THE HATED ENEMY!" PARTS OF THE CITY, SUPPLY OF RESTORATION WORKS AND THE POPULATION WITH WATER PLEASE URGENTLY SHIP FRUNZENSK CHPP! The builders of the power train are at the train, waving after the train that has started moving.
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the great patriotic war
, electricity
, electrical industry
126,7 (общ. 772,4)
K.A. Kutub-Zade
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