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In the movie "Contemporary No. 12" talks about social problems in the city of Kuibyshev. The plot uses the following filming: City of Kuibyshev, 1990. An elderly man uses crutches in the House of Invalids. The nurse puts the woman on the bed. The appearance of dilapidated bed linen on the beds, the lack of necessary furniture in the rooms, metal dishes in the hands of patients. Veteran, invalid of the Great Patriotic War, holder of the Order of Alexander Nevsky, Ivan Alekseevich Bondarev, examines war photographs in the ward. Isaak Notovich Lieberman, a board member of the Kuibyshev synagogue, speaks of mercy for people in need, manifested in concrete actions, talks about helping Jews to the sick and the poor (sinhr.). Imam-khatib of the cathedral mosque Vagiz Letfullovich Yarullin says that according to the Koran, mercy is gratuitous kindness (sinhr.). The priest of the Peter and Paul Church, Archpriest John (in the world - Ivan Andreevich Bukotkin) speaks of mercy as a manifestation of kindness, compassion and love for one's neighbor (sinhr.). View of the icon of the Mother of God "Joy and Consolation" in the Peter and Paul Church. The chairman of the Kuibyshev regional executive committee, Dmitry Vladimirovich Bogatyrev, in his office, answering a journalist's question about ways to improve the living conditions of party apparatus employees, and not providing assistance to war veterans in need, speaks of these employees as fake communists, about their lack of a sense of mercy (sinhr.). Pensioner Maria Prokopyevna Panchenko feeds a paralyzed old woman who lives alone in a private house without utilities, cleans the snow in the yard of her house, talks about the indifference of social assistance workers (sinhr.). View of dilapidated private houses and new high-rise buildings with two-storey apartments in one of the city districts. An old woman in one of the wrecked houses is eating soup brought by social workers. A social worker in a white coat and two thermoses in her hands walks along the path, enters a house in disrepair, in which a lonely old woman lives, puts the soup in an iron bowl. An elderly man examines the slippers and shirt provided for help. Type of articles in one of the newspapers dated February 4, 1990 under the headings: "Punished for embezzlement", "Mercy and its merciless servants", telling about the embezzlement of funds for disabled people by social assistance workers of the Soviet district of Kuibyshev. View of a photograph of Surodina, head of social assistance of the Soviet district
K. Stepanov
Film ID
, standard of living
, situation of various populations
, medical services for the population
Number of Parts
K. Stepanov, Y. Pivsaev
Other Creators
The author of the text is V. Karasev, the sound engineer is V. Popov, the speaker is M. Mikheev
Release Date
Has Sound

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