Modern №3-4

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The movie "Contemporary No. 3-4" tells about the Volga Automobile Plant. In the I part the following filming was used: Togliatti city, December, 1988. Conference of the staff of the Volga Automobile Plant on the election of the General Director. Among the candidates: director of the mechanical assembly shop Nikolai Vasilievich Lyachenkov, director of the scientific and technical center Vladimir Vasilievich Kadannikov, deputy general director Alexei Vasilievich Nikolaev. Newsreel footage: Togliatti city, February, 1985. View of one of the streets and passing vehicles. Egor Kuzmich Ligachev, a candidate for deputy to the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR, makes a speech to the workers of the Volga Automobile Plant, talks about the prospects of the city of Togliatti (sinhr., Behind the scenes). The audience is applauding. In the second part, the following filming was used: Togliatti city, December, 1988. The worker of the Volga Automobile Plant Anton Ivanovich Baryshnikov at a conference of the labor collective speaks of the need to create an administrative team in order to increase labor productivity (sinhr.). The secretary of the party committee of mechanical assembly production Evgeny Ivanovich Yantsen expresses his opinion on the issue of choosing a candidate for the post of general director of the plant (sinhr.). The deputy chairman of the trade union committee of the Volga Automobile Plant Stanislav Nikolaevich Maneshin speaks about the difficult situation at the plant, about the goals of this conference (sinhr.). Deputy General Director for Economics Alexander Ibragimovich Yasinsky talks about the excellent professional and human qualities of all candidates for the position of General Director of the Volga Automobile Plant
Film ID
, automotive industry
513,4 м
Number of Parts
N. Shumkova, A. Nazarov
Other Creators
Author - L. Pakhuta, editor - B. Kozhin, sound engineer - V. Popov
Release Date
Has Sound

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