Modern №7-8

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The movie "Contemporary No. 7-8" tells about Poland. In the first part, the following filming was used: Poland, Warsaw, 1989. View of one of the streets and passing vehicles. A woman with a stroller passes by. View of a two-story house with an iron gate on Yaroslav Dombrowski Street, where the museum of the Polish poet Vladislav Bronevsky is located. View of the furnishings of the room and the tombstones on the poet's grave at the military cemetery. Pupils of one of the schools at the military cemetery. Cosmetics, perfumes, flowers in the shop windows. Polish cartoonist Ryszard Zaborowski talks about humor as the best medicine, talks about his life in the occupation (sinhr.). Widow of Vladislav Bronevsky, Mrs. Wanda, at home leafs through the pages of a family album with photographs, talks about meeting her future husband, about his difficult fate (sinhr., behind the scenes, in Polish). In the second part, the following filming was used: Poland, Warsaw, 1989. Young people from the public organization "Solidarity" with books on one of the streets of the city. Sculpture to the soldiers of the Great Patriotic War. View of the building of St. Catherine's Church and its interior decoration. The priest of the church, Józef Mai, talks about the need to build the future on truth and openness (sinhr., Behind the scenes).
L. Sadkova
Film ID
, religion
, museums
, sculpture
, cities
, trade
560,7 м
Number of Parts
L. Sadkova
Other Creators
Editor - B. Kozhin, sound engineer - V. Shubin, announcers - Tumanova, Robinova
Release Date
Has Sound

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