Modern Ethiopia

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Ethiopia. City of Addis Ababa. A tailor working on the street. A wealthy Ethiopian is driving by with his servants. Children play in the schoolyard. A school girl raises the national flag. The performance of the anthem. Mountains of the North. Desert. Red sea. Residents collecting dates. Dokapil desert. Tigre province landscape. Lake Tana. Reed papyrus on the shore of the lake. Locals in papyrus boats. Waterfall. Blue Nile. Jungle. Cacti. Termite mounds. Crocodiles on the shallows. Turtle. Hyena. Monkeys on the rocks. A herd of wild elephants. Ostriches. An eagle soars in the sky. Ducks and a heron are flying by. Cathedral of the city. Monument to Emperor Menelik. Historical Museum. Exhibits: old shields, weapons, coins, crown, old book. Portraits of the Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. Aksumite monuments. Stone temple of Lalibella. The town of Adua. Chronicle of the 1935 war - Italian attack on Ethiopia: explosions, fires, Ethiopian detachments. Emperor of Ethiopia at the front. Oath of the tribal leaders. Monument to the victims. Emperor's palace. Meeting of the Council of Ministers. Emperor Haile Selasie I at the meeting. 1957 year. Elections to the Chamber of Deputies of Parliament. The electoral commission is working. Voters vote. November 2, 1957 The first meeting of the parliament. Studio of the artist Afeverk Tekle. Paintings, sculptures. Permanent Soviet Exhibition. Demonstration of Soviet films. Russian language lesson at the exhibition. Soviet hospital. Ethiopian hospital. The ancient castle in Gondar. Medical College. Classes at the girls' school. University College. Emperor Haile Selasie I at the graduation ceremony. Shop of a textile mill. Carpet makers at work. Training of craftsmen in vocational schools. Road construction in the republic. City of Asmara. New school, hospital in the city. Emperor's residence. Mosque. Massawa city. Orthodox Church. Steamers in the port. Military school. Haror city. Village life. Celebrating Harvest Day at the Emperor's palace. Solemn service. The patriarch blesses the gifts of the new harvest, presents them to the emperor and his sons. The people at the holiday.
A. Koloshin, I. Genina
Film ID
wars of the 1st half of the 20th
, medical services for the population
, economic communications
, nature
, school education
, exhibitions
, religion
, textile industry
, higher education
, sea transport
, museums
, animal world
, landscapes
, higher state bodies
, national holidays
, plant growing
, electoral system
Number of Parts
A. Koloshin, G. Zemtsov
Other Creators
composers A. Lokshin, M. Meerovich, music producer I. Schweitzer, speaker L. Khmara, sound engineer K. Nikitin, consultant M. Wright, editor B. Vishnevsky, director G. Dick
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