Mom Im Skinhead

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The film includes the following filming: 1 part. The movement of cars along one of the streets of Moscow. General view of the area near the Tsaritsyno market and the Tsaritsyno metro. Flower trade. Metro train movement. Night view of Moscow. A group of young people in the underpass on Tverskaya. Interview with medical student from Guinea Bissau Adilson Dos Santos (sinhr.). The building of the Peoples' Friendship University of them. Patrice Lumumba. Foreign students are dancing. General view of St. Petersburg, one of the courtyards, courthouse. Wreaths at the scene of the murder of Vietnamese student Wu Anh Tuan. Train movement. Station "Dachnoe". Horses graze in the meadow. 2 part. Interview with members of the skinhead organization (sinhr.). The boat is sailing along the river. Types of Moscow at night, Rostov-on-Don at night. A police car drives through the city at night. Interview with a student from Guinea Bissau Adilson Dos Santos (sinhr.). Students of the Peoples' Friendship University in the audience. Medical Academy students are walking along Voronezh street. The offender is led along the corridor of the pre-trial detention center. Interview with the mother of Evgeny Shishlov, one of the criminals who killed a foreign student from Africa. Interview with the investigator (sync.). Court session (sinhr.). 3 part. Football fans at the stadium. Interview with one of the members of the RNE (Russian National Unity) party (sinhr.). A group of young people in the underpass, in the park. Interview with E. Shishlov's mother (sinhr.). The audience in the park. A group of members of the RNU party passes through the park, handing out leaflets. Views of St. Petersburg. Demonstration of RNU members on the Field of Mars, on the Palace Square. Night views of Moscow.
V. Yuriev, O. Ponomareva
Film ID
higher professional education
, scientific connections
, vietnam
, court
, football
, everyday life
, social and political organizations and parties
, militia
, cities
, railway transport
, guinea bissau
Number of Parts
A. Ternovoy
Release Date