Monocle the Experience of Imaging Infinity

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The film, shot using the monocle principle, tells about the measured course of life in one of the villages of the Vologda region, where the village nurse Tatyana Sekushina heals the elderly and reflects on life. FIRST PART. Landscapes of Sukhona - winter, ships stand on a frozen river, a village on the bank, ice drift; summer, the ship sails on the river, passengers on the deck. Winter village, smoke from chimneys, blizzard, wooden fence under the snow. Nurse Tatyana Sekushina in the office of the medical center talks about the life of the village, about her work. Panorama of medical instruments in the office. THE SECOND PART OF. T. Sekushina leads an elderly woman from a village house to an ambulance at the gate. View of Sukhona, the sun is shining, in the foreground is a wooden fence. Deck of the ship, accordion on the bench. A tree in a field among the snow, a forest in the background. Buoys of ships lie on the frozen river. Panorama from the house on the bank to the ships on the frozen river. Ice drift on the Sukhona. Summer, T. Sekushina stands by the river, a motor ship is sailing in the background.
М. Gureev
Film ID
medical services for the population
, river and lake transport
, population
, landscapes
, peoples life
Number of Parts
R. Gerasimenkov
Other Creators
Sound technicians V. Timshin, D. Konyushenko, editor O. Shaposhnikova, director I. Pakhomova, producer N. Zheltukhina
Release Date