Mordovian ASSR

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1 h. Landscapes of Mordovia. The movement of goods and passenger trains on the railways of the republic. Work in the shops of Saransk factories - hemp plant, electrical equipment plant, cannery; finished products of enterprises. Production processes at the Ufa house-building plant. 2 hours. Views of the capital of Mordovia, the city of Saransk. Street cleaning, traffic. The republican library, classes in schools, at the pedagogical institute, doctors perform an operation in the city hospital; meeting of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Mordovian ASSR. Students in the classroom in the agricultural and pedagogical technical schools of the republic, study in libraries, buy books. Construction of residential buildings, dormitories and libraries in the Republic. Harvesting in the collective farm fields. 3 hours. The work of the stud farm, industrial plant, discussion of new urban development plans in the Council of Ministers of the republic. Doctors are receiving patients in a hospital, a maternity hospital. Opening of a rural power plant. Competitions of athletes at the stadiums of Saransk and in one of the collective farms, parades of athletes. Meeting of the Academic Council at the Mordovian Institute of the History of Language and Literature. There are artists, poets and embroiderers at work. 4 hours. Construction of a cement plant in Mordovia, a type of oil development. Theoretical and practical lessons for the students of the agricultural school. In the collective farm named after Stalin, Atyashevsky district, Hero of Socialist Labor P.I. Ravkina in a hemp field. Hemp and buckwheat fields. Bee farm, dairy farms. Breeding in the republic of fine-wool sheep, chickens, ducks, geese. The makhorka fields of the "Lenin's Way" collective farm; collective farm chairman Spirin in the field. 5 h. Fields of cereals. Harvesting with combines on collective farm fields, threshing grain, delivery of crops to elevators. The press covers the progress of the harvest in the republic. Residents of Mordovia relax in parks of culture and recreation, sing and dance.
I. Kheifits, S. Derevensky
Film ID
, art
, relaxation
, state structure
, sports
, printing
, everyday life
, health care
, government
, paper industry
, entertainment
, agriculture
, utilities
, cities
, railway transport
, national composition of the population
, light industry
, culture
Number of Parts
E. Shapiro, A. Sysoev
Other Creators
There is no data
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