Mordovian Land Native

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The film is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Mordovia. Landscapes of Mordovia, children by the fire, a herd of horses in the field, the printing of the newspaper "Soviet Mordovia" in the printing house, views of Saransk, an interview with the 1st secretary of the Mordovian regional party committee AI Berezin (synchronously), production processes at the Svetotekhnika plant. Students of the Mordovian State University in the classroom in the laboratories. Production processes at the Tsentrolit plant. Interview with the director of the plant V.P. Vasilenko (synchronously). Residents on the streets of Saransk. Vehicle traffic. Monument to Admiral F. Ushakov. The village of Old Akshino. Monument to N. Ogarev. View of the memorial place where the main headquarters of E. Pugachev's troops was located in 1774. View of the Ruzaevka railway station, where the 1st Soviet of Workers' Deputies was organized in 1905. The deputy of the USSR Armed Forces, machinist V. Chichevatov gives interviews (synchronously), leads the train. The last bell for graduates of one of the schools of Saransk. A group of children on the river bank, a boy is reading a book in Mordovian (synchronously). Monument to soldiers-aviators in Saransk who fought during the Great Patriotic War. Folk holiday in the village of Legga, Ruzaevsky district. Girls in folk costumes sing in the Mordovian language (synchronously), dance. Land cultivation and sowing on the collective farm. Kalinin. Harvesting grain on the farm. Interview with the director of the collective farm A. T. Kunyaev (synchronously). The movement of the train. Wedding in one of the villages of Mordovia. Museum of People's Artist F. Sychkov. Visitors in the halls of the museum, examining the paintings. Monument to Erza (S. D. Nefedov). Museum of the sculptor Erzi. Chronicle of the 40s: the honored teacher of the RSFSR A. Lavrentieva is walking along the street of the village of Sabaevo, surrounded by children. A. Lavrentieva in the classroom during the lesson. Embroiderers at work.
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peoples liberation movement of the xviii century
, livestock
, population
, artistic activities
, plant growing
, painting
, higher professional education
, the great patriotic war
, communist parties
, metallurgy
, museums
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, the revolutionary movement of the beginning of the хх century
, school education
, situation of children
, everyday life
, printing industry
, electrical industry
, printing
, cities
, railway transport
, sculpture
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