Mortar Men - Stalingraders Near Kherson

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Ukrainian SSR, city of Kherson, February 2, 1944. The vehicles of the 19th Guards Red Banner Mortar Regiment leave for a firing position. NDP on cars: "WE BEAT THE ENEMY IN STALINGRAD!" Meeting of the 19th Red Banner Regiment. The chief of staff of the guard regiment, Major Semyon Stakhovich Tomachinsky, is walking in front of the formation of fighters, followed by the standard bearer. A type of banner with the NDP: "HELLO TO THE HEROES OF THE MORROWERS-MINERSHIPS WHO WAS PASSED FROM STALINGRAD TO KHERSON." The meeting was opened by the chief of the political department of the regiment, Major Vasily Konstantinovich Durovich. The commander of the 19th Guards Mortar Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel Anatoly Ivanovich Erokhin speaks at the meeting. The soldiers shout "Hurray!" Senior sergeant Doroshenko, senior sergeant Naydenov speak at the rally. Lieutenant Colonel A.I. Erokhin at the command post speaks by telephone with Captain Paulin. Petty officer, tank driver, participant of the Stalingrad battles Ivan Illarionovich Yatsun at the map of the glorious combat path of the 19th Red Banner Mortar Regiment. 137.0 m
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, the second world war
D. Caspian
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