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Western Front, July 6-7, 1941 The Moscow proletarian division, which is part of the 20th Army, was at the beginning of June 1941 in the area of the village of Lyady and the city of Krasny (Belarus), after the fighting, in this area the withdrawal of the Red troops began Army towards Smolensk. Machine gunners are on the road, horses are carrying machine guns. Red Army soldiers in carts are driving along the road. Infantry detachments are on the road in the field. Trucks with Red Army soldiers in the backs of the drive through the countryside. A cart with a red cross is going by. Red Army soldiers inspect an abandoned German car. Residents of the surrounding villages unload sacks of rusks from the train to help the Red Army. Red Army officers in the forest are reading newspapers. A cart with refugees disguised with branches drives along the road. Collective farmers are driving cattle along the road (Kasnya village, Vyazma district). The commander of one of the divisions that make up the 19th Army, Major General Nikita Fedorovich Lebedenko, talks to officers at the command post near the town of Yartsevo on the Bitp River (Smolensk Region), interrogates a German prisoner of war, talks on a field phone. Soviet motorcyclist rides along the road. The crossing of Soviet military equipment across the river. Airplanes in the sky. The armored personnel carrier is deployed in the forest. A large group of German prisoners of war and officers taken prisoner in the Orsha area sit and lie in a clearing near the village, reading leaflets. A Soviet officer interrogates a captured German. A Red Army soldier distributes crackers from a sack to German prisoners of war.
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the great patriotic war
, the second world war
, transport
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V.S. Yeshurin
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