Moscow Metro Lights

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The train moves along the metro tunnel (Moscow). Arbatskaya station. Trackmen check the roadbed. Repairmen at work. Master A. I. Antonov checks the quality of work, enters the control room, speaks on the microphone (synchronously). There are electric trains in the park. Train drivers are passing by. The driver examines the train. The train is being washed. Employees are cleaning the station hall. The dispatcher is speaking (synchronously). Dispatcher at the control panel. Electricity is supplied. Lights are flashing on trains and throughout the station. Passengers descend on an escalator, pass through the metro station. Types of Moscow metro stations: "Mayakovskaya", "Kropotkinskaya", "Arbatskaya", "Electrozavodskaya", "Avtozavodskaya", "Leninsky Prospect", "Leninskie Gory". Newsreel. Moscow city. Street view. Metro builders, drillers. Nikita Khrushchev visiting metro builders. People enter the first subway cars. Barriers in the streets (1941). A tank is driving down the street. Mayakovskaya metro station, children are sleeping. Cannons and machine guns are shooting. Metro builders work in the mine. Izmailovskaya station. People are coming. Workers are walking along the tunnel. Says metro cadre T. Fedorova (synchronously). Workers at work. Trains are coming. Leonid Brezhnev presents awards to metro builders, including: I. Pavlov, M. Esakov, I. Filimonov, V. Polezhaev. Metro builders are walking along the street. Types of districts of Moscow: Kuzminki, Mnevniki. Types of metro stations. Passengers are walking along. Coin changers, newspaper sales. Metro map. Trains are driven by drivers E. Abramov, A. I. Vetrova. Filmed from motion: rails, station, train carriage. People are traveling in a carriage. Workers are walking along the tunnel.
B. Nebylickiy
Film ID
urban transport
, the second world war
, building
, state trade
, railway engineering
, awards
Number of Parts
G. Serov
Other Creators
Script E. Kozyrev, B. Nebylitsky, music V. Soloviev-Sedoy, sound I. Voskresenskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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