Moscow Newsreel Number 8

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The brigade leader of the communist labor brigade V. Dyuzhev talks about the automation and mechanization of production processes in the workshop of the Hammer and Sickle plant (synchronously). Rolling mill type. Work of the production line at the Paris Commune factory. The work of a flow-mechanized line at the Moscow Electric Lamp Plant. General view of the new section of the lighting lamp assembly shop. Meeting at the airport of the delegation of the municipality of Delhi. Present are Soviet and Indian statesmen, including the chairman of the Moscow Council NI Bobrovnikov, Ambassador of the Republic of India to the USSR K.P.Sh. Menon. Visitors to VDNKh get acquainted with a new exhibit: the Riga road train, created at the Riga Bus Plant. The building of the Institute of Thoracic Surgery of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences. Operating room view. Professor I. Kolesnikov conducts heart surgery. Associate professor Muravyov and a trainee doctor from China Li Ting-Myn at the bedside of a girl who underwent heart surgery. Speech by animals from the Moscow Zoo in a kindergarten near Moscow, Monino. In the park of culture and recreation. Gorky during the Moscow Cinema Day. People on the field; on the podium, Soviet directors and actors. Present: B. Andreev, M. Strizhenova, E. Bystritskaya, V. Telegin, M. Bernes, M. Zharov, O. Strizhenov, A. Room. Speakers: M. Zharov, B. Andreev, O. Strizhenov, A. Room. Public meeting at the Green Theater of the Park. Cinema workers are present. The Minister of Culture of the USSR N. A. Mikhailov is speaking.
G. Topanov
Film ID
medical services for the population
, public leisure and recreation facilities
, metallurgy
, exhibitions
, international connections
, medicine
, leather and footwear industry
, preschool education
, automotive industry
, electrical industry
, cinema
Number of Parts
I. Panov, I. Chupin, R. Vilesova, L. Maksimov, V. Usanov
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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