Moscow Subbotnik - Five-Year Plan

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The building of the Lenin Komsomol Automobile Plant; workers go to the factory. A rally at the Sortirovochnaya depot, reminiscent of the first communist cleanup on April 12, 1919 Workers hold a banner with the slogan: "Ready for the communist subbotnik." Workers are repairing a diesel locomotive. A weaver at work in the workshop of the Trekhgornaya Manufaktura factory. A workshop for the production of picture tubes at the Khromotron plant. Workers in the workshop of the Vladimir Ilyich Electromechanical Plant; ready-made electric motors. Bricklayers at work on the construction of the All-Union Cancer Center. Muscovites are planting trees on one of the streets of the city. Shop of the confectionery factory "Red October"; sweets on the conveyor; packing chocolate into boxes. Stalevar, Hero of Socialist Labor V. Klyuev at work in the workshop of the Hammer and Sickle plant. Shop of the "Red Proletarian" printing house. Books, brochures, printed in the printing house. Workers engaged in the assembly operations of watches in the workshop of the 2nd watch factory. The assembly line of automobiles of the Lenin Komsomol Automobile Plant. Banners with slogans calling for a communist subbotnik on the streets of Moscow. Monument to V.I.Lenin on the territory of the Kremlin.
G. Burasheva
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, food industry
, railway transport
, textile industry
, printing industry
, manufacturing of precision time devices
, improvement of settlements
, cities
, automotive industry
, electrical industry
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