Most Expensive Movie 1 - First Day of the World

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A film about the first days of the world after the war, edited from the archival post-war newsreels with the following content: views of destroyed cities and rural settlements on the territory of the USSR; broken military equipment on the battlefield; the return of Soviet soldiers from the front; Victory parade on Red Square; jubilation of people on the streets of Moscow; the adoption of a law on the demobilization of older people from the Red Army at the 12th session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on June 22, 1945; the destroyed and restored Dnieper hydroelectric power station, the Stalingrad Tractor Plant, Donbass and other national economic facilities; the restored cathedrals and the monument to the "1000th anniversary" of Russia in Novgorod; the first post-war steam locomotive "Victory" on the way; car "Victory" at the exhibition; liberated concentration camp prisoners; columns of German prisoners of war; G. Goering in the dock during the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals; representatives of countries participating in the founding San Francisco Conference sign the Charter of the United Nations; heads of the victorious powers in the Second World War I.V. Stalin (USSR), G. Truman (USA), W. Churchill (Great Britain), V.M. Molotov at the Berlin (Potsdam) conference; the explosion of the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. The film also includes filming of monuments in honor of the soldiers who died during the war, an interview with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the USSR A.A. Gromyko about the Berlin conference (synchronously) and the memories of E.P. shelter (synchronously).
T. Semenov
Film ID
the second world war
, energy
, armed forces
, rural settlements
, automobile transport
, architecture
, agricultural engineering
, international connections
, state holidays
, higher state bodies
, international law
, cities
, railway transport
Number of Parts
V. Dobronitsky, Yu. Orlov
Other Creators
Leading People's Artist of the SSR E.S.Matveev
Release Date
Has Sound

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