Mountain Crimea

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The educational film "Mountain Crimea" tells about the geology, relief, climate, flora and fauna of the Crimean mountains. Part 1 Crimea. View of mountain landscapes. NDP on rocky and wooded slopes. Waterfall; mountain river. A kind of blooming poppies, saxifrage and sunflowers. Shibliak thickets. Mountain flowers among the stones. Ruined structure. Dangerous section of the road with traces of the impact of landslides. The main ridge of the Crimean mountains. Caves. The speleologist descends into the cave. Mountain stream. The Grand Canyon. Geologist with a rock sample in his hands. Inner ridge of the Crimean Mountains. Travel through the ancient city of Eski-Kermen. Woman in the yard of the house. Goats graze. Settlement in an intermountain valley. Part 2 Crimea. View of the northern slope of the Main Ridge. Wooded slope. A family of wild boars in the reserve. The forester looks through binoculars. Mouflons graze. Highland plateau of the Main Ridge. Vegetation on the slope of the East Crimea mountain. Southern vegetation in the southern part of Crimea. Black Sea. Vineyard. Crimean pines. Waterfall; mountain river. Marl quarry; excavator is working. Development of marbled limestone.
M. Kurlat
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rural settlements
, useful fossils
, bypopulation
, nature reserves
, botany
, flowers
, geology
, mountain landscapes
, cities
, zoology
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R. Voronov
Other Creators
editor L. Fayn-Girsh, director of the film A. Suvorov, scriptwriter V. Fost, consultants V. Orlov, doctor of geographical sciences, V. Shumsky, candidate of geographical sciences, head of the Shkolfilm Central Club L. Zorkina
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