Mountain Shoria

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A film about the development of the economy and culture of Gornaya Shoria. Mountain Shoria on the map of the USSR is located in the southern part of the Novosibirsk (present-day Kemerovo) region. There is timber floating on the rivers, fishermen are placing nets. In the coniferous forests, artels of Shor hunters extract the skins of fur-bearing animals. The villagers, united in collective farms, work in the fields. The grain harvesting equipment is also managed by a Shorka girl. In the apiary, beekeepers pump honey; cows graze in a mountain pasture; Shor collective farmers collect pine nuts. The mining industry is developing in Gornaya Shoria. Shor geologists and prospectors carry out geological surveys in the river bed. Blasting operations are underway to extract [iron ore]. Newly built railways and highways connect the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Plant named after I.V. Stalin with deposits and other areas of the region. Workshops of the Kuznetsk Metallurgical Combine. A passenger car is driving through the Shor village [Kuzedeevo]; young people with books in their hands leave the school. A kindergarten has been built for kids. You can buy everything in the store, even a radio receiver and a primer in the Shor language. Residents have access to both central newspapers - Pravda, and national newspapers - Kyzyl Shor (Krasnaya Shoria). A pioneer detachment is walking along the street of the village. The folk singer [Nibakchi] plays the kai komus (Shor musical instrument) and sings (sync. And behind the scenes) about the happy life of the Shors in the USSR under the leadership of IV Stalin.
G.M. Bobrov
Film ID
rural shops
, national life
, folk art
, cattle
, district newspapers
, ruralgardens
, mammals
, settlements
, musician of peoples of the russian federation
, radio communication
, fur trade
, beekeeping
, collecting nuts
, agricultural machinery
, central newspapers
, ferrous metallurgy
, freight (freight) trains
, eliminating inequality in the field of economy and culture
, river fishing
, harvest
, massive pioneering events
, timber rafting
, landscapetaiga
, cartage
, artificial railway structures
, geology
, roads
, passenger cars
, retail trade of books
, railway transport
Number of Parts
G.M. Bobrov, A.S. Telyatnikov
Other Creators
script by A.P. Kulikova, assistant director V.P. Bobrova, sound engineer A.A. Mitrokhin, composer A. Novikov
Release Date
Has Sound

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