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The film is narrated on behalf of the People's Artist of the USSR S.V. Obraztsov, who tells about the social situation of children and adults in the countries where he went on tour with his puppet theater. The house is collapsing, the deceased child is being pulled out of the ruins. Maternity hospital; birth of a child; feeding newborns. Children in strollers; babies in rags. A woman performs work with a baby on her back. USA, New York; Italy, Rome; quarters; in which the rich and the poor live. Children playing in the streets in the slums. Children working in the street in the field. The rickshaw is carrying a passenger. Pearl catchers. African women farm the land. India. Distribution of food to starving children. Emaciated Indians. Spanish unemployed in France. Drunk men on the street; police officers detain a criminal. Great Britain, London. Street performances of unemployed actors. Beggars beg for alms. Car racing; car accidents. Women's ketch. Striptease at the bar. Gambling house; dice, roulette. Faithful Frenchmen, Himalayans pray to God. Indians-kukluklanovtsy catch blacks, put them in the car. The tonsure of girls into nuns. Japanese kamikaze pilots ram American ships. Japanese women receive the ashes of the dead. Fighting American soldiers in Vietnam. Torture of Vietnamese. Antiwar demonstrations and rallies.
I. Grek, S. Obraztsov
Film ID
, gambling
, social and political movement
, unconventional sport
, situation of children
, catastrophes
, socialist provision
, religion
, air force
, health care
, racism
, wars of the 2nd half of the 20th century
, police
, offenses
Number of Parts
V. Citron, I. Nizhnik
Other Creators
Sound by Z. Uzdin, music by E. Stikhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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