Mr Sperlick

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The film tells the story of a Polish worker - Pan R. Sperlik in a playful way. The film uses the following filming: 1 part. View of one of the streets of Opole; a truck with a flashing light is driving along the street, a group of men is passing by (all plans were filmed in the evening). Pan Shperlik is brushing his teeth in the bathroom. View of Freedom Square in Opel on May 1st; a red flag develops on a pole, a loudspeaker, it is raining, people with flags are standing, standard-bearers with banners of organizations are passing by. Two men drink beer, smoke. View of the hall and presidium of the May 1st meeting in one of the organizations; those present sing "Internationale" (sync. in Polish.). People go up and down the elevator. View of the sculptor's workshop. Pan Sperlik talks to a man (sync. In Polish.) In the park, works on a lathe, poses in front of the camera. Children are playing in the room, a woman is cooking in the kitchen, an elderly woman is washing her head in the bathroom, a man is sitting in a room in an armchair by the table. Pan Sperlik talks to a man and a woman in the park (sync. In Polish. Lang.), Reads a newspaper, rides a bicycle along the alley of the winter park, sits at his desk shifting papers; Pan R. Shperlik with children in the zoo near the cage with tigers. Participants of the May Day demonstration disperse after the end of the event; Pan R. Shperlik at home; Pan R. Shperlik is walking along a snow-covered river, making a hole for ice fishing.
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, everyday life
, state holidays
, cities
, sculpture
, zoology
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