Muddy Waters

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The film tells about the everyday life of the Nizhneamurskaya inspectorate. Types of Cupid. The head of the Nizhneamurskaya inspection O. Chekushin and the operational inspector of Amurrybvod M. Trifonov talk about their work, about the growth of poaching during the years of perestroika, about the shortcomings of the new administrative code of the Russian Federation (sinhr.). Dry-cargo motor ship "LENATRANS", passenger hydrofoil, motor boats sail along the river. Inspectors inspect fishermen's boats and vessels, check their documents, confiscate nets, and draw up inspection protocols. A group of inspectors aboard the vessel of the Lower Amur Inspectorate "Cayman" and on motor boats, together with helicopter pilots, are monitoring one of the sections of the lower Amur. Inspectors talk to the helicopter pilots on the radio (sync.). Inspectors inspect the outbuildings of local residents. Local residents talk about the economic problems that force them to engage in poaching (sinhr.). Inspection of vehicles on the road and the luggage of passengers of a river vessel in order to prevent the export of illegally caught fish. Ecological consequences of poaching: a species of fish gutted from eggs, rotting on the river bank. Inspectors release fish entangled in nets into the river. View of the monument to the grunt and fisherman on the banks of the Amur.
A. Samoilov
Film ID
protection of nature and the environment
, fishing
, river transport
, sculpture
, radio communication
, landscapes
, air transport
, geography
Number of Parts
M. Kornikh, A. Samoilov
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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