Munich a Quarter of a Century Later

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Chronicle documentary film. West Germany (FRG). Bavaria. Munich. National holiday. Pageant. Religious procession. Dancing. Saber Fight, Museum of the Teutonic Order. Monuments. The audience in the park. The orchestra is playing. Opening of the "Fashion Week". Shop windows. Dancing at the Blow Up entertainment center. Subway construction. There are workers from Greece. Production processes at the BMW automobile plant. The movement of cars. Squares. Fountains. Arc de Triomphe on Ludwigstrasse. Kinegsplatz square. The building of the Bürgerbräukeller beer hall. House where A. Hitler lived in 1920. The Wax Museum. Wax figure of A. Hitler. Showcase and signboard "Striptease bar", striptease performance. Tower of the radio station "Free Europe". Area of the location and residence of units of the US Armed Forces, an art gallery. Pictures by A. Durer. Street cafes. Street trade. Beer houses. Visitors to the pub dance to the orchestra. University building. Bas-relief dedicated to the student anti-fascist group "White Rose". Congress of the Communist Party of Germany. A. Gaak speaking. A. Gaak with friends at home. Member of the Bundestag Dr. Müller gives interviews (synchronously), speaks about his attitude towards the National Democratic Party, at home. Demonstrations of protest against the policy of revanchism. Demonstrators clash with police. Chronicle. 1930s-1938 The people greet A. Hitler. Hitler speaks from the podium. Parade of members of the National Socialist Party. German troops cross the border of Czechoslovakia; in Prague. Chronicle. 1960s. Meeting of revanchists. Congress of the National Democratic Party. Speakers: A. von Thadden, Z. Pelman. Demonstration of protest against the creation of the party. Clash with the police. 1969 Dachau concentration camp. Territory. Monuments. Museum. Munich. Courtroom. The trial of the former head of the concentration camp in Helmbricht A. Derr.
G. Asatiani
Film ID
, the second world war
, fashion
, private trade
, other socio-political organizations and parties
, architecture
, demonstration of the protest
, public leisure facilities
, public catering
, museums
, entertainment
, national holidays
, sculpture
, home life
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G. Asatiani
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