My Dear Friend and Brother

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A film about the meeting between the war veteran gunner V. P. Masyutin and the commander of the gun G. I. Gusev. Central Museum of the Soviet Army. 76mm cannon among the exhibits of the museum. Tools of different systems. The guide tells (synchronously). Chronicle, explosions, soldiers run to the river, crossed on rafts. Soldiers from a broken raft in the water. The cannon is sinking. Soldiers following the cannon. The calculation of the gun is firing in the village. Attack. A German tank is on fire. Gusev with an officer in Berlin (photo), with his sons. Father and son Masyutina on the deck of the ship. Contents of Masyutin's letter, who was hospitalized as a result of a factory fire. Lying patient. Surgeon, nurse. Meeting of Gusev and Masyutin. The newspaper "Krasnaya Zvezda" with an article entitled "The Cannon of Gabriel Gusev". Gusev shares his memories of the war (synchronously). Chronicle: tanks are going, the calculation of the gun will go out of fire. Burning enemy tank. Newspapers with articles on the actions of Gusev's calculation. Photos of young Gusev and Masyutin. Moscow. Central Park of Culture and Rest named after Gorky. Meeting of veterans.
V. Orlov
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, accidents
, printing
, health care
Number of Parts
A. Kazazaev, V. Orlov
Other Creators
Script by V. Yarmolich
Release Date
Has Sound

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