My Friends Kostylevs

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The city of Izhevsk in Udmurtia. The Kostylev family, in which there are nine children with the ability to draw. Children: Slava, Sasha and Pavel, students of the Moscow Art School at the V.I.Surikov Art Institute, who came home for the summer holidays, tell their parents about school affairs, show their drawings. Teachers examine the works of art school students, including the Kostylevs, presented for the skill exam. Sasha, Slava and Pavel draw from life on one of Moscow boulevards. Members of the dog breeders' club of the Palace of Pioneers on the Lenin Hills are engaged in dog training. Students of the art school (Sasha, Slava, Pavel Kostylevy and Gena Spirin) with members of the club of dog breeders in the bus travel from Moscow to Karelia. Travelers visiting the State House-Museum of PI Tchaikovsky in Klin, get acquainted with the sights of the cities of Novgorod, Leningrad. Landscapes of Karelia. Young artists make sketches while traveling. Members of the club of dog breeders of the Palace of Pioneers hand over to the border guards-cadets of the school of service dog breeding a dog trained in the club named Dar. Farewell bonfire at the border guards.
M. Semenova
Film ID
secondary special education
, out-of-school education
, public home life
, museums
, childrens organizations
, tourism
, cities
, utilities
, painting
, border troops
Number of Parts
V. Usanov
Other Creators
Screenplay by L. Grossman, sound by I. Gunger.
Release Date
Has Sound

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