My Tashkent

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IL-18 aircraft in the air. Crew in the cockpit. Passengers in the cabins. The stewardess serves passengers, announces the boarding (synchronously). Tashkent city. City views (daytime, evening shooting, helicopter shooting). Streets. The movement of cars, trams, pedestrians. Residential and public buildings. Hotel "Tashkent". Theater named after Navoi. Squares. Boulevards. Fountains. Monument to M. V. Frunze. Monument to Navoi. Chilanzar residential area. Cinema. Komsomolskoe lake. Ankhor river. Aryki. Kayaks float along the river. Bazaar. Barbecue street trade. Chaikhana. Construction of a mosque. The courtyard of a private house. The owner of the house is cutting roses. The family is having lunch in the yard. House. Children play at the irrigation ditch. The shops. Sale of books in a kiosk. Residents of the city of different sexes, ages on the streets, in parks, on boulevards, in a teahouse. Winegrower-breeder R. Musamukhamedov in the vineyard. Classes at the ballet school. The building and premises of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Academy of Sciences of Uzbekistan. Uzbek Institute of Nuclear Physics. Scientists at work. Nuclear reactor. Production processes at the Tashkent Agricultural Engineering Plant, the Tashkent Textile Plant. Men are preparing pilaf on the shore of the lake. An asphalt roller is in operation. The soloist of the ensemble "Bakhor" Galiya Izmailova is dancing.
R. Grigoriev
Film ID
specialized trade
, urban transport
, standard of living
, nature
, automobile transport
, architecture
, water transport
, plant growing
, fiction
, a family
, consumer services
, water use
, private trade
, textile industry
, islam
, academies of science union republics
, public leisure facilities
, agricultural engineering
, water supply
, improvement of settlements
, peoples life
, physics
, air transport
, private buildings
, public catering
, professional education
, sculpture
, home life
Number of Parts
V. Mikosha
Other Creators
Music V. Geviksman, announcer L. Khmara
Release Date
Has Sound

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