Mysterious City of Samara

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A film about the city of Samara and its inhabitants of the present and past times. 1 part. Samara city, 1992. Volga river. Quiet streets of the old part of the city. The mansion of the merchant Pavel Shikhobalov, known as the "House with Atlanteans" on Ventsek Street, built in 1905. A teacher at the Samara Pedagogical Institute, Igor Nikolayevich Pokrovsky, talks at home with the author of the film, Boris Svoisky. Pictures depicting Samara. Chief Executive Officer of the Samara Exchange A.V. Osipov at home talks about the inhabitants of Samara (sinhr.) (Neg. 272.7). Part 2. Samara city, 1992. Monument to Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev on the eponymous square. The coat of arms of the city on the facade of the Samara Academic Drama Theater named after Gorky. Surgeon, Doctor of Medical Sciences Georgy Lvovich Ratner talks with the author of the film (per frame, sync.). Lenar Vasilyevich Khramkov, head of the department of history of the USSR, Samara State University, tells a humorous story (per frame). Tombstone on the grave of the statesman and public figure, military writer, journalist, honorary citizen of the cities of Vyatka, Samara and Sofia Petr Vladimirovich Alabin. The building of the male gymnasium (neg. 274 m) 3 part. Samara city, 1992. View of the building in need of repair and a commemorative plaque on the building with the NDP: “IN THIS HOUSE IN 1883-1904 THE EDITORIAL OFFICE OF THE SAMARSKY VESTNIK NEWSPAPER HELD. Another building with a plaque: “IN THIS BUILDING IN 1895-1896 ALEXEY MAKSIMOVICH GORKY WORKED IN THE EDITORIAL OFFICE OF THE SAMARA NEWSPAPER”, below the sign with the NDP: “EXOTIC STORE”. A memorial plaque on the house in need of repair, with the NDP: "IN THE BASEMENT ROOM OF THIS HOUSE IN 1895 LIVED THE GREAT PROLETARIAN WRITER ALEXEY MAKSIMOVICH GORKY", below the NDP: "VIKTOR Tsoi", "KINO". Strukovsky garden. House where lawyer Andrei Nikolaevich Hardin lived, under whose leadership Vladimir Ulyanov practiced law. House of Investigator Yakov Lvovich Teitel. City beach (neg. 244.1 m) 4 part. Samara city, 1992. Portraits of the merchant Pavel Ivanovich Shikhobalov and his family. Samara Art Museum: exhibits, works of artist Konstantin Pavlovich Golovkin. A dilapidated house within the city, owned by K.P. Golovkin. Sculptures of elephants near the house. A woman watchman sits with a newspaper on the porch of the house. Monument to V.I. Lenin. The house where the writer Alexei Nikolaevich Tolstoy grew up (pos. 255.6 m). Part 5. Samara city, 1992. Monument to Vasily Ivanovich Chapaev. The central square of the city: administration building, monument to V.I. Lenin. Cozy old street. The house where Dmitry Dmitrievich Shostakovich was finishing the Leningrad Symphony No. 7, being in evacuation with the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra. Foyer of the Samara Academic Opera and Ballet Theater, where the symphony was rehearsed by the musicians of the Bolshoi Theater Orchestra under the direction of the conductor S. Samosud. Modern multi-storey residential buildings in the city. A teacher at the Samara Pedagogical Institute, Igor Nikolaevich Pokrovsky, at home, talks about the director Eldar Ryazanov, with whom he studied at school (sinhr.). Citizens on the square on the City Day. The office in the "Stalin's Bunker" (Museum of Civil Defense) is a defensive structure created in Samara in 1942 as a reserve location of the headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the USSR I.V. Stalin (neg. 267 m). Part 6. Samara city, 1992. Portrait of the Samara merchant Lavrenty Semyonovich Arzhanov. Chief Executive Officer of the Samara Exchange A.V. Osipov talks about entrepreneurs, businessmen (sinhr.). Actor of the Samara Academic Drama Theater. M. Gorky Alexander Alexandrovich Amelin in one of the old courtyards of Samara sings a ditty: "EH, SAMARA, MOTHER ..." (sinhr.) (Neg. 275.6 m).
B. Svoysky
Film ID
standard of living
, architecture
, museums
, population
, cities
, painting
, art
Number of Parts
Yu. Pivsaev
Other Creators
sound engineer V. Popov, editor B. Kozhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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