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The film tells about the young artist Nadya Rusheva, about her work. 1 part. General view of posters from exhibitions of works by Nadya Rusheva, which took place in different cities and in different museums. Drawings by Nadya Rusheva. Moscow. Moscow Kremlin, Sofiyskaya embankment, Kalinin Avenue, CMEA building. Intercession Cathedral on Red Square, the building of the Museum of Fine Arts. A. Pushkin. Visitors to the Museum of Fine Arts climb the central staircase, inspect the exhibits in the halls of antiquity. Photos of architectural monuments in different parts of the world. Photos of Nadia at different ages. Letter from Academician V.Vatagin to Nadya Rusheva dated March 9, 1963 with the best wishes from V.Vatagin's grandfather. B / W newsreels - 1965-1967: View of Istanbul and the Suleymaniye Mosque (filmed from the top). Panorama of high-rise buildings in New York. View of the Federal Hall building and the statue of the first US President George Washington - 1969-1970: General view of the queue at the Pushkin Literary Museum on Kropotkinskaya Street (Prechistenka) for an exhibition of works by the young artist Nadya Rusheva. Among those present in the exhibition hall Natalya Doydalovna Rusheva is Nadia's mother. Part 2. General view of the house where Nadya Rusheva lived with her parents. Interior of Nadia's room. Nadia's father Nikolai Konstantinovich and mother - Natalya Doydalovna. Nadia's mother is sitting in the room at the table, on which there is a vase of flowers. The furnishings of Nadia's room with her personal belongings. The book "Andrei Rublev" autographed by the author - writer MV Alpatov. Photo of Nadia with Italian writer Gianni Rodari and her drawings for the fairy tale "Chippolino". Fragments of El Greco's painting, presented to Nadya by the widow of the writer Mikhail Bulgakov - Elena Sergeevna. Portrait of Nadya Rusheva, painted by artist N.N. Zhukov. Folders with Nadia's drawings in the closet. Drawings by Nadya Rusheva for the fairy tale "Chippolino" and other fairy tales. An article about Nadya Rusheva in the Yunost magazine with her drawings. The editor-in-chief of the Yunost magazine, writer Boris Nikolaevich Polevoy, shares his memories of the young artist Nadya Rusheva (sync. And behind the scenes), talks about the exhibition of works by Nadya Rusheva, organized by the Yunost magazine. B. Polevoy says that during the exhibition several books of reviews were used, and this indicates the great popularity of Nadia Rusheva as a wonderful artist. Photos of Nadia at different ages. B / W newsreels: - performance of the [Tuvinian] folk dance ensemble: musicians are playing, girls in national costumes are dancing. Spectators are sitting, watching the performance - 1960-1965: Tuvan (or Mongolian) children at one of the national holidays. Three small children are sitting on a camel. Speech by writer L.A. Kassil. Part 3. Drawings by Nadya Rusheva B / W newsreels: - Tarusa, June, 1968. Nadya Rusheva in Tarusa visiting academician of the USSR Academy of Arts, sculptor Vasily Alekseevich Vatagin: Nadia and V. Vatagin are walking through the garden. View of sculptures in the garden near the house. Nadia and V. Vatagin are talking. V. Vatagin in his workshop is working on a sculpture of a mythological bird with a woman's head. V. Vatagin walks through the garden. Behind the scenes V. Vatagin speaks of the ruthlessness of fate to the brilliant Moscow girl. Nadia is sitting on a log in the garden, drawing a dog (close-ups of Nadia, including drawing). - Moscow, June, 1968. Kropotkinskaya street, the building of the L.N. Tolstoy, traffic on the street. Announcement of the opening of an exhibition of works by Nadia Rusheva in the museum from June 1. The gates to the courtyard of the museum are opened. General view of the works of Nadya Rusheva in the halls of the museum; among them are Nadia's drawings for L. Tolstoy's novel War and Peace. The voice of V. Vatagin sounds off-screen. - Leningrad, February 1969. Types of Leningrad: Peter and Paul Fortress, Winter Canal, Summer Garden in winter. Nadia is painting on the bridge. Monument to A.S. Pushkin in Tsarskoe Selo. Nadia draws a profile of A. Pushkin in the snow. Part 4. Opening of the exhibition of 200 drawings by Nadya Rusheva, organized by the All-Union Museum of A.S. Pushkin in Leningrad. Visitors get acquainted with the works of the young talented artist. An interview with Pushkin writer Arnold Ilyich Gessen (sinhr.), Who, sitting in his office, talks about Nadia, who, as he says, despite her young age, had a deep, graceful flair. A. Gessen recalls how he invited Nadia to illustrate two chapters from his book "The Life of a Poet". B / W newsreels: - Leningrad, February 1969. Nadya Rusheva walks in winter along the alley of the park in Tsarskoe Selo, where all the sculptures are covered with wooden shields. The poems of A.S. Pushkin are played off-screen. View of the monument to A. Pushkin-lyceum student in the Lyceum Park of Tsarskoe Selo. Nadia is sitting on a bench opposite the monument, drawing. General view of Nadia Rusheva's drawings on the theme "Pushkin-Lyceum Student". Close-ups of Nadya Rusheva. Nadia walks through the rooms of the A.S. Pushkin memorial house-museum on the Moika. Behind the scenes, her voice sounds, she talks about how close the poet's work is to her, about the illustrations that she made for his works. Snow falls on the Moika. View of the entrance to the house-museum of A.S. Pushkin. Drawings by Nadya Rusheva on the theme "A. Pushkin and his family." Nadya Rusheva draws. Exhibits in the rooms of the house-museum, incl. portraits of A. Pushkin and his wife - Natalia Nikolaevna. Behind the scenes, Nadia reflects on A. Pushkin, on his work. Nadia draws the profile of A. Pushkin with a twig in the snow, walks along the alley. Close-up of laughing Nadia. Part 5. Interview with artist N.N. Zhukov (sinhr.), Who talks about the work of Nadia Rusheva. Drawings by Nadia Rusheva of various subjects. B / W newsreel footage: - Warsaw, 1966 Nadia Rusheva on one of the streets of the city, makes sketches. A group of Polish children is standing next to Nadia, watching her paint. A series of Nadia's drawings made in Warsaw. Kind of work of Nadia, made in a graphic style; among them is a portrait of my mother. General view of Nadia's drawings on sports themes, made with pastels. Self-portrait of Nadia at the age of 13. Drawings by Nadya Rusheva for the fairy tale "The Little Prince", for the works of A.S. Pushkin. - Nadia Rusheva walks down the street in a crowd of passers-by. Part 6. School building number 470, where Nadya Rusheva studied. School museum dedicated to the talented young artist Nadya Rusheva. Schoolchildren in the museum, get acquainted with the exhibits of the museum. Among those present is the mother of Nadya Rusheva. Drawings by Nadia Rusheva of various subjects. B / W newsreel footage: - 1963. Opening of the World Congress of Women in Moscow in the Kremlin Palace of Congresses. The pioneers run down the aisles in the hall to the presidium, presenting flowers and handkerchiefs issued by "Trekhgorka" according to a sketch by Nadia Rusheva. - Paris. View of the Champs Elysees at night. - Moscow. 1965 year. Nadya Rusheva runs down the steps of the stairs to the school yard, where the girls are jumping rope, Nadia is jumping with them. Nadia and her friend are sitting on a bench, playing with a doll. Nadia and her friends are walking down the street, eating ice cream. - 1969 -1970 Performance of the dance ensemble named after Loktev on the stage of the Column Hall of the House of Unions. - Crimea, p / l "Artek", 1967. The buglers are playing collection. Opening of the 3rd All-Union Meeting of Pioneers in 1967. View of the mandate of the delegate of the meeting Nadya Rusheva. Pioneers in costumes from different republics are in the ranks. Nadya Rusheva draws in Artek. Pioneers splash at the seashore, communicate with each other, exchange badges; among them is Nadya Rusheva. Behind the scenes, lines from a letter from Nadya Rusheva to her friend from “Artek” are heard. - Moscow. 1968 year. Nadya Rusheva is at home, draws, removes a folder with drawings from the closet. Interior of Nadia's room.
F. Mustafaev
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out-of-school education
, school education
, everyday life
, museums
, childrens organizations
, cities
, graphics
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There is no data
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composer S. Melik, consultant A.A. Sidorov, text by L. Khmara
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Has Sound

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