National Feat

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The fascists enter Czechoslovakia in 1939. Arrested residents. Concentration camp. Hitler's speech. Air bombing. Burning village. German tanks. Soviet soldiers. Monument to Lenin on the square of Sevastopol. Sailors from Murmansk. Germans at the walls of the Brest Fortress. Presenting a Communist Party card. Partisan detachment. The evacuated plant. Cleaning of bread. Women rent warm clothes. Parade on November 7, 1941 on Red Square. Speech by I. V. Stalin. Headquarters of the Western Front (G.K. Zhukov). Attack. Siege of Leningrad. Theft of residents, livestock to Germany. The battles for the city of Stalingrad. Captive Paulus. Column of German prisoners. Great Britain. City of London. A ceremonial meeting at the Royal Albert Hall. Shop of the aircraft plant, the manufacture of tanks, shells. Battle of the Kursk Bulge. Battle of Novorossiysk. Forcing r. Dnieper. Burning city of Kiev. Fireworks in Leningrad. Seamen of the city of Sevastopol. Liberation of Minsk. Corpses, wounded. Lesson at school. Allied Forces. Captured Germans. Residents greet Soviet soldiers. Concentration camps. The destroyed city of Warsaw. Soviet tanks in Vienna. Marshals G.K. Zhukov and I.S.Konev. Night artillery battle. Soviet aircraft. The capture of Berlin. The signing ceremony for the German surrender. The offensive of the Soviet troops in Prague. Celebrating Victory Day in New York, London, Paris, Moscow. Monument to the fallen soldiers in the Brest Fortress. Mamayev Kurgan. Meeting of the CMEA. NATO maneuvers at sea. Meeting of veterans.
A. Khoryakov
Film ID
the second world war
, school education
, political work during the war
, state holidays
, international organizations
, defense industry
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
script A. Madorsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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