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Northwestern Front, end of March 1943. Major General of Artillery Andreev at the map sets a task for the commanders of artillery units before the start of offensive battles in the area of Staraya Russa and south of Lake Ilmen. The commander of the 11th Army Artillery Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel V.I. Kulchitsky talks with Major General Andreev, gives explanations on the map. General view of the map of military operations. Guards Major, Deputy Commander of the 11th Army Artillery Regiment Grigory Pavlovich Skorobogatov at the observation tower, looks through the periscope, transmits by phone the coordinates of the enemy's firing points. The battery of guns of the 11th Army Artillery Regiment is preparing for shelling of enemy positions, they are firing. General view of the enemy's wire obstacles. Smoke from exploding shells. Soviet soldiers are crawling to the barbed wire, making passages for the infantry through them. The submachine gunner covers his comrade. General view of the area where the Soviet troops are advancing on the positions of the Nazis. Soldiers go on the offensive along the aisles in the barbed wire. General view of the enemy's anti-tank bullets. A traffic policeman stands at a booth on the road, regulates the movement of trucks with equipment and soldiers.
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the great patriotic war
, combat operations
, command structure
, troop management
, liberating cities
K. Shironin, B.M. Eyberg
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