Near the Town of Pillau

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3rd Belorussian Front, Germany, Pillau district, end of April 1945. Against the background of the landing group, landing in the armored boats, the leaders of the landing operation were removed: Rear Admiral, Commander of the landing on the spit Frische Nerung Nikolai Eduardovich Feldman, Major General of the Coastal Service, Commander of the Eastern Landing Force Ivan Nikolaevich Kuzmichyov, 1st Rank Captain of the Baltic Fleet Sharoika, Major General of the Political Administration of the Red Banner Baltic Fleet Grigory Mikhailovich Rybakov. Commander of the South-West Maritime Defense Region of the Baltic Fleet, Vice Admiral Nikolai Ignatievich Vinogradov with officers in the port of Pillau before sending marines to the Frische Nerung Spit. Armored boats in a scythe. Commander of the 487th Separate Disciplinary Battalion of the 260th Marine Brigade of the Baltic Fleet, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Oskarovich Leibovich on an armored boat. Among the Red Navy men: the commander of an armored boat, senior lieutenant Vasily Andreevich Azarov, the commander of a detachment of armored boats, lieutenant commander Dmitry Vladimirovich Solntsev, signalman Dmitry Stepanovich Korzhov, captain 2nd rank Mikhail Fedorovich Krokhin, [Zhuravlev], [Semyonov], [Andryushenko]. Injured Marines get into the armored boat.
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the second world war
, foreign countries (germany)
282,6 (общ.479)
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A.A. Klimov
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