New Bulgaria

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Bulgaria. Celebrations dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the liberation of Bulgaria from fascism. Demonstration. Members of the government on the podium. Laying flowers at the monument to Soviet soldiers who died during the Second World War. Firework. Chronicle footage. The people of Bulgaria are greeting the Soviet troops, the Bulgarian partisans are walking. September 9, 1944 1944 - late 1940s. G. Dimitrov speaking. Construction of houses, railways, canals. Landscapes of Bulgaria. Types of cities Dmitrovograd, Sofia, Rusa Varna. Streets, squares, buildings. Sights of cities. Danube river. Movement of ships. Loading and unloading operations in the seaport of Varna. Monuments of history and architecture, including: Rila Monastery. Production processes in industrial enterprises and in agriculture. Sofia University. Sofia Drama Theater. Tour of the Moscow Art Theater. Gorky. Monuments on Shipka. Seventh Congress of the Communist Party of Bulgaria. Among those present: Nikita Khrushchev. Construction of the Pesochnik reservoir. T. Zhivkov is present. Friendly basketball match. 9th International Cycling Race. Picture gallery. Meeting of the Academy of Sciences. Tourists on a hike to Vitosha Mountain. Beach in Varna. Performance by artists at the "Varna Summer" festival. Opera theatre. Sings N. Giaurov.
M. Yudin, G. Genchev
Film ID
the second world war
, cultural connections
, architecture
, building
, water industry
, communist workers parties
, music
, basketball
, river transport
, tourism
, theatre
, state holidays
, landscapes
, sea transport
, agriculture
, industry
, cycling
, political connections
, cities
, sculpture
Number of Parts
F. Kaminsky, M. Kitanov, Y. Marchenko, S. Petrov, I. Zhelev
Other Creators
speaker L. Khmara, sound technicians I. Anev, A. Shaikin, script D. Methodiev, M. Yudin, G. Genchev
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