New Day of the Togolese Republic

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Africa. Togolese Republic. Mountain landscape. The woods. Coconut palms. Thickets of cacti. Sea coast. Drawings showing Togolese men and women. View of the Togolese village. A flock of sheep in the forest. Peasants walking along the road. Fishermen on the shore. Peasant women do their hair. Meeting of President Eidem with residents of one of the country's districts. People greet the president. President Eidem bypasses the troops. An orchestra is playing, women are dancing. city of Lome. Streets and squares of the city. Bazaar. People on the streets of the city; it's raining. Port; ships at the pier; loading and unloading operations in the port. Artists carve sculptures from wood, sculpt from clay, paint fabrics. town of Daja. Production workshops of the textile and sewing plant. Development of phosphate deposits. Coffee plantations; peasants collect coffee beans; sorting of grains. Fishing seiner at sea; fishermen pull out a net with fish. Military parade and demonstration of workers in the city of Lome during the holiday dedicated to the 14th anniversary of the founding of the republic. Mass celebration at the stadium in the presence of President Eidem, members of the government and members of the diplomatic corps accredited in the Togolese Republic.
K. Kulagina
Film ID
, rural settlements
, private trade
, livestock
, textile industry
, chemical industry
, sea transport
, landscapes
, decorative and applied art
, cities
, plant growing
, geography
, peoples life
Number of Parts
V. Vorontsov, L. Goncharov
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Has Sound

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