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2nd Baltic Front, February 1944 Pskov Region, Novosokolniki. Box 1. / No. 5368 ВС 107-113 / Major General Mikhail Fomich Bukshtynovich looks at the map at the observation post, explains the combat mission to the officer. The destroyed Novosokolniki railway station, residential buildings. Railway trains abandoned by the Germans during the retreat. The crossing of tanks, cars, carts across the river on the outskirts of the city. Lieutenant Pechatnov hoisting a banner on the roof of a wooden building. The unit commander, Colonel Kostrov, congratulates Lieutenant Pechatnov. Soldiers set up a portrait of J.V. Stalin on the main street. The soldiers are warming themselves near a fire on the street. The cook at the field kitchen, the commander of the 178th Kulagin Red Banner Infantry Division, Major General Alexander Lvovich Kronik, at the observation post near the stereoscopic tube and at the firing position. German concentration camp blown up by the Germans during the retreat. The blown up St. Nicholas Church. Box 2: Endless lines of German prisoners on the road, in the field. Guns, ammunition, carts, ten-barreled mortars thrown by the Germans. The corpses of the Germans at the guns in the snow. Box 3. / No. 5369 ВС 117 / Road sign: "Novosokolniki". The traffic controller on the road. Advancement of artillery and soldiers in vehicles along the roads on the outskirts of Novosokolniki. Red flag on a dilapidated wooden building. Soldiers blow up a large granite swastika in the city square. Destroyed and burned down houses on city streets. The blown up St. Nicholas Church. German cemetery in the city. The destroyed railway station "Novosokolniki". Trains left by the Germans on the tracks.
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the great patriotic war
, railway transport
, destruction
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Ya.G. Marchenko, M.M. Prudnikov, K.I. Shironin, M.M. Segal, Yu.V. Monglovsky, V.V. Mass, I.S. Gutman
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