New World Day

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1 part. Sunrise over the Pacific Ocean. Vladivostok port. Night shooting of Moscow. Raising the flag on a warship of the Pacific Fleet. Vladivostok railway station. The train departs from the platform. Landscapes from the train window. Geologists are exploring the crater of Klyuchevskoy volcano. Magnitogorsk Metallurgical Plant. Steel smelting in the open-hearth shop. Morning in Moscow. Announcers of the All-Union Radio O. Vysotskaya and Y. Levitan go to work. Borders of the Soviet Union in Armenia, Finnish border. Border guards in the sands of the Karakum Desert. Cameramen are filming in the Far East. Part 2. Commander Islands. Seal hunting. Flocks of sheep in the Caucasus mountains. Types of morning Leningrad and morning Moscow. Preparing Moscow for a labor day. Types of Narym. Evenk camp "Wolverine". The party organizer of the Evenki nomadic collective farm talks with the collective farmers. Printing of the latest issue of the newspaper "Pravda". Loading newspaper matrices on the plane. Boarding passengers on the plane. The workers are having breakfast. Family MI Kalinin in the morning: tea, reading the newspaper. Workers of the Soviet Union go to work in the morning. Part 3. Arrival of I.V. Stalin, M.I. Kalinin, V.M. Molotov to work in the Kremlin. The workers of the enterprises of the Soviet Union work in the shops. Harvesting grapes, cotton, tea leaves, bread harvest. Training athletes-swimmers, ballerina G. Ulanova at the bar, fishing in the sea. Promotion of the icebreaker "Lazar Kaganovich" in the ice of the Arctic. Walrus hunting on Wrangel Island. Combines are working in the field. Construction of the Novo-Pamir tract. Landscapes of Kamchatka. Meeting of the residents of the Koryak village of the collective farmers-migrants. Part 4. Views of Tallinn. Meeting of the Extraordinary Session of the People's Parliament. M. Kalinin in the Kremlin presents awards. Views of Khabarovsk. Types of Gori. House where I. V. Stalin was born. Types of Moscow: streets, buildings. Landing in Petropavlovsk air ambulance aircraft. Testing of a new radio receiver at a radio plant in Minsk, a new GAZ-61 car at the Gorky Automobile Plant. Speech by the singer N. Shpiller in the radio studio. The work of the Moscow post office. Rest of workers in Sochi, on the motor ship "Armenia". Part 5. Vacationers on the beach in Sochi. Wrangel Island. Meteorological station. Miners of Kabardino-Balkaria are working at a molybdenum mine. Smelting steel at the Stalingrad plant "Red October". Gold mining in the gold mines of Bodaibo. Coal mining by miners of Kryvyi Rih. Composition with tractors assembled at the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. Shop for finished products of the Ivanovo textile factory. Construction of the House of Soviets in Moscow. Part 6. The maneuvers of the troops of the Transcaucasian Military District. Combat exercises of the troops of the Moscow Military District. The exercise is attended by the Marshal of the Soviet Union S. N. Timoshenko Performance by the artists of the theater named after S. N. Timoshenko for the sailors of the Black Sea Fleet. Nemirovich-Danchenko. Tennis match at Moscow's Dynamo stadium. Georgian wedding in the village of Doesi. Wedding in Northern Bukovina. Part 7. Sunset in Sochi, in the sands of the Karakum. Professor ophthalmologist V.P. Filatov is observing the patient. Odessa sea port. Evening Moscow. Performance of the Eddie Rosner Jazz Orchestra at the Pilots' Club. Vacationers of the Kislovodsk sanatorium in the dining room, in the reading room, for a walk. Evening Baku. Fragment of the ballet "Romeo and Juliet" on the stage of the Theater of Opera and Ballet. Kirov. The passenger express is racing. Sunrise in the Far East.
M. Slutsky, R. Carmen
Film ID
, metallurgy
, rest of workers
, collective farms
, air transport
, statesmen
, textile industry
, protection of state borders
, automotive industry
, theaters
, cities
, railway transport
, red army
Number of Parts
R. Carmen, M. Oshurkov, B. Nebylickiy
Other Creators
D. Ovsyannikov, M. Zeitlin, B. Yagling, G. Fomin, D. Pokrass, Yu. Levitan
Release Date
Has Sound

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