News of the Day № 53-54

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Newsreel is dedicated to the main events of 1957. Reception by NS Khrushchev of the foreign delegation (c / t). Arrival of the First Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee NS Khrushchev, other representatives of the Soviet leadership in Finland. Soviet delegation in China; Syria; Indonesia (c / t). A meeting of friendship between the peoples of the USSR and Hungary - in the Kremlin. Production processes at various industrial enterprises of the country (c / t). Nuclear icebreaker "Lenin" at sea (c / t). Presentation of the Lenin Prizes to outstanding figures of Soviet literature and art (c / t). New aircraft "Tu-104" in the air; types of the latest vehicles - helicopters, trains, cars, manufactured at various factories in the country (k / t). Various moments of agricultural work. Types of livestock complex, poultry farm; fields of collective and state farms of the country (c / t). Presentation of government awards to the Komsomol and the country's trade unions (c / t). Types of construction in various cities (c / t). Four newborn twins are in the hospital ward (c / t). Meeting of the session of the World Peace Council (c / t). Meeting of the UN General Assembly (c / t). View of Moscow during the VI World Festival of Youth and Students (c / t). Moscow State University students Lomonosov in the classroom (c / t). Fragments of the evenings dedicated to the 90th anniversary of NA USSR AA Yablochkina; 70th anniversary of the poet S. Ya. Marshak (c / t). Moments of the World Chess Championship; moments of the World Championships in Athletics (c / t). D. D. Shostakovich's concert in the Great Hall of the Conservatory (synchronously), (c / t). View of the exhibits at the All-Union Art Exhibition (c / t). Newspaper with a message about the launch of an artificial satellite (c / t). Various moments of the military parade on Red Square on November 7, 1957. The signing of the "Declaration of a meeting of representatives of the communist and workers' parties of socialist countries" by the leaders of the communist parties of various countries (c / t plans). Meeting of the 9th session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR (c / t). Among those present - A.I. Mikoyan. Parade in Kiev, dedicated to the 40th anniversary of the October Socialist Revolution (c / t).
M. Slutsky
Film ID
automobile transport
, livestock
, higher education
, international communist movement
, borbazamir
, cosmonautics
, music
, health care
, theatre
, state holidays
, chess
, international youth movement
, exhibitions
, sea transport
, international organizations
, agriculture
, higher state bodies
, awards
, printing
, political connections
, youth organizations
, air transport
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
music of the song V. Soloviev-Sedoy, lyrics by M. Matusovsky, sound engineer I. Voskresenskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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