News of the Day No 36

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Workers of one of the factories in the town of Zhdanov, Stalin region - at a new blast furnace in the shop. Extraction of ore at the Sokolovsko-Sarbaisky iron ore deposit in the Kustanai region. Students of the Moscow Timiryazev Academy help collective farmers in the Adamovsky District of the Chelyabinsk Region to harvest wheat. Combines in the field. Harvesting wheat in the fields of the Akmola region (Kazakh SSR). New school building in Riga. The teacher leads the lesson. Arrival in Moscow of a delegation of the French Republican Party of Radicals and Radical Socialists. The head of the delegation E. Daladier speaks to the audience. Artists paint landscapes in the area of Vyshny Volochek, Kalinin region. Competition firefighters on the small field of the Moscow stadium Dynamo. Fragment of the performance of the participants of the Prague Stage Figure Skating Ensemble, who arrived in Moscow on tour. Ballet soloist of the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR O. Lepeshinskaya, other ballet dancers of the Bolshoi Theater greet the residents of Tokyo at the airport after arriving in the city on tour. First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Bulgaria T. Zhivkov and others speak at a rally dedicated to the heroes of Shipka at the monument to Russian and Bulgarian soldiers on the Shipka Pass.
N. Solovyova
Film ID
higher professional education
, wars of the xix century
, mining industry
, metallurgy
, school education
, cultural connections
, theatre
, music
, political connections
, fire protection
, plant growing
, history
, painting
Number of Parts
V. Sobovoy, G. Novozhilov, Y. Glebov, K. Urbanovich, K. Shironin, L. Gailis, S. Gusev, K. Mukhin, M. Izmailova, I. Gorchilin, I. Grachev, M. Popova
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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